The Big Question: Reading About Games Vs Playing Games

This is something that I’ve noticed recently. Because of my job, I spend way more time reading about video games than actually playing them — but is this common? Do you find that you spend more time reading/watching/talking about video games than actually playing them?

I think it’s just a thing that comes with the internet hype cycle. It’s fun to discuss things together, to share in the excitement. But when it comes down to it, games that don’t have multiplayer are solitary experiences. Maybe that’s why? We talk/read about games to connect with other people but we play them to escape other people.

That’s talking in broad strokes though. Even single player games seem to have some sort of shared component now — like Dark Souls and its in-game messaging system. It’s easier than ever to share clips of gaming footage, or stream games live.

But anyway, I digress. What do you do more? Read about video games or play them?

What about reading in video games? I’ve spent way too much time reading books in Elder Scrolls games. Urgh.

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