The First Glimpse At Destiny's 'The Dark Below'

It's been only a short while since Destiny's release, and players have already picked its bones clean of any content. It probably happened a lot quicker than the developers expected, and now they're gearing up to release the game's first expansion, The Dark Below, on December 9th. Bungie has released the first video detailing what will be included.

I'm convinced they're being forced to release content a little quicker than they would like, and as a result, this may be a rushed affair. But retention is the name of the game, and there's currently nothing for players to do. In fact, after there was nothing to do, players figured out how to do more, and now there's really nothing to do.

And it's that hardcore base that Destiny need to hang onto for dear relevance.

With that in mind, the new expansion will feature strikes that tie into the storyline, with three new maps, and a new massive raid battle with a theme of "one-way trip". The developer video below features a lot of fake interviews and "we wanted to give you more", bla bla bla, but does include lots of gameplay footage, so it's definitely worth a watch for fans of Destinanus.

Vault of Glass was the best thing in Destiny, so this is just what the doctor ordered. And, of course, there will be lots of new weapons and gear, and you'll get to watch your virtual numbers go up. Hopefully, Bungie won't have to rush content out too fast in an attempt to retain players for their lofty 10 year goal.


    I kind of expect at least double the content that is being dropped in that dlc. Already paid for it as I stupidly bought the Limited Edition, but I'm pretty sure none of my friends are even remotely interested in going back to Destiny let alone buying the DLC. Not since HMCC and GTA Online current gen.

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    I've finished with Destiny... I won't be paying $20 for this DLC and I don't think I can make myself go back to it and get to 30. I'm 29 with a little raid gear but I can't be bothered.

    I feel for those who dropped the cash on the mega super editions; really didn't get enough for the money...

    That 10 year plan seems overly optimistic now doesn't it?

    I too "stupidly" bought the epic mega top level all the stuff you don't really need edition and played till I was about level 27 and totally lost interest. Got Dragon Age and it's 100 times the game Destiny is, should have saved my coin and got the epic mega top level all the stuff you don't really need edition for it instead.

    I'll be getting this, looking forward to some new strikes and multiplayer maps.

    I've put about 40 hours into Destiny which imo is well worth the $70 or so it cost.

      Useful perspective. People are used to getting some pretty crazy value for money in terms of hours of entertainment from video games, but compared to other things like movies or a fancy restaurant meal, the value from a $90-$120 game like Destiny is still pretty good.

    I'm hyped for this! Can't wait! My Warlock hit 30 the week before last, so I started a Titan last week which I've now got to 26 and is almost raid-ready. I only get a few hours to play through the week and then binge on the weekends but my playtime is low compared to a lot of others. I'm not exactly bored of the content currently on offer, but I'm looking forward to the new weapons/armour/bounties/missions/strikes/raid!

    It just seems it's cool to hate on Destiny these days, but I'm still having a blast every time I play it.

    Wow, they did listen cause they said so and then basically released MP maps of existing level assetts and made the new "Story" (lol) another quest giver at the crucible and made the new content more moon content. I am so glad we got more re-arranged content.
    Bungie are so good at listening.

    I've played maybe 2 or 3 times in the last couple of weeks and found myself still pretty much at the same level as my clan who have been playing it day in day out and who have the raid armour and maxed out weapons. I'm happy with matching(or beating) them in the Iron Banner. This will probably be my playstyle now. Drop in maybe once a week, more if there's an event on but in the meantime I have DA Origins to smash through before I get Inquisition, Skyrim to finish (still) and by that time The Witcher 3 should be out. By that time as well the second DLC for Destiny should have dropped so the content may be close to double maybe? Still not enough to keep me interested for a lengthened period though.

    I'm hoping Bungie realise from this that there needs to be a lot more content. There's no excuse with Destiny 2 if they just pump out a sequel that's basically more missions, more strikes, more of the same.

      Well said! I feel exactly the same. In my opinion the DLC is too little and too late. Back when Destiny first came out and no other games that grabbed my attention, I logged over 200 hours in Destiny. Now with DAI out and Witcher 3 on the horizon, I don't see much playing time left for it.

        Two-Hundred-Hours.... I've been playing as often as I can since release, and I'd fall about 50 hours short of your playtime.

        I recently replayed through the story with an alt. and with having gear in the vault to make things easier it still took around about 10-12 hours to finish the normal campaign missions, do some bounties to be level appropriate and do a few strikes along the way. With most COD campaigns being knocked over in 6hours, I don't see why Destiny gets so much heat.

          Failed expectations. The marketing machine laid out a pretty convincing case for something more than it was. Take a look at any unfairly-panned movie or game, you're going to find the reason is failure to meet expectations. Which they kind of earned. Don't talk the talk if you can't walk the walk. The story is not just short, but told poorly. Some people have higher priority on a good narrative and variety than the unquestionably solid mechanics which are Destiny's primary strength.

            l'd agree with that, the delivering of the story is quite poor. As for failed expectations, the massive amount of hype for it probably didn't serve it well when people realised it wasn't what was being marketed to them either. That being said though, its not a terrible game by any stretch and its got the foundation to be something great.

            I'm hopeful that with the regular patches, events and DLC that it will build upon those foundations to create a bigger, better experience and maybe somewhat closer to the game they were marketing. For the time being however it doesn't feel a grind at all to keep playing, so I'll keep doing so.... at least until Xmas... Far Cry 4, Dragon Age: Inquisition, AC: Unity and COD: Advanced Warfare are all wrapped ready to go under the tree! :D

              At one time, like you, I did hope that through DLCs Destiny will live up to the hype. That was before I heard the news that they are working on Destiny 2. Unless they expanded the development team (which I have not heard such news), I assume all their effort and energy will be on making the sequel now, thus make the DLCs for Destiny almost an after thought. In my opinion those DLCs were possibly already developed (or at least planned to such extent that they can not be altered) prior to the release of Destiny. So any DLCs just feel like a cash cow milking exercise to me. That's really disappointing. (I understand that almost every software studio is doing that, but it doesn't make this practice right.)

              But yeah I logged over 200+ hours spread across 3 level 28 or 29 characters. I love the basic mechanics, which is solid and very enjoyable. I got the game on release day and have been playing it on a daily bases ever since till DAI came out. When you play as much as I did though, every mission, strike even raid start to blend into one another. They became like chores instead of gaming, all for the sake of the next piece of loot. (Don't get me started on the crazy loot dropping system that it has.)

              Having said that, Destiny is the first shooter that makes me truly enjoy online gaming. I honestly can not remember the last time that I had so much fun with a FPS online. Through it I have made friends with a few nice and mature players who share similar interest. For that I am grateful and I am more than happy to gear up now and again when my friends ask me to.

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            I am loving those solid mechanics but I fear the backlash Destiny is getting will stop Bungie releasing all they had planned for it. Which will be a damn shame because what they have built looks like a good base to grow upon.

    Those new crucible arenas look the goods. The black garden one looks ripe for shotgunning. Cue tears in 3, 2....1.........

    Destiny is the only PS4 purchase that I regret. I find playing it incredibly depressing. Despite it's superficial prettiness it has no imagination. It's mechanically solid but devoid of purpose. It's a lifeless timesink that would only be redeemed if Bungie designed a proper campaign and released it to all purchasers of the game for free.

    "The opportunity to build a world that people want to stay in for a really long time"


    No one I know even sometimes plays this game anymore. And yes, i understand people do...but man, there must be a MASSIVE drop rate form this game, surely.

    Nothing will save destiny. Its just a crap game with zero depth.

    if anyone doesnt want their season pass, ill gladly buy it off them... ill be looking at grabbing it anyway...

    I've got to admit, I jump into destiny in blocks (when I get time) and find that unless I just want to run strikes or jump in the crucible I'm naffed. The weekly/nightfall/raid things don't seem to match make for me so I've never had the chance to run them on my 360. No idea if I've been doing it wrong or that it's just a "friends" thing but that's the only downside so far.

    New content, cool, but would love more campaign stuff.

    Are they making naga a playable race kappa ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    i got on the hype bandwagon and got the edition that came with the expansions.
    i am regretting that now as i dont see myself getting in to it again.

    these had better be damn good strikes as i will never be able to get a team together to play the raids

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