The Folks Behind Halo Say They’re Fixing Matchmaking Today

The Folks Behind Halo Say They’re Fixing Matchmaking Today

As has become something of a tradition in the world of video games, Halo: The Master Chief Collection launched with some serious problems — after it came out last week, players struggled with matchmaking and online play in the collection of Halo ports ad remakes. Today, hopefully, things will get at least a little better.

After some delays, the people at Halo developers 343 Industries are finally releasing a patch today that promises to fix those matchmaking issues, among other things. There’s a lengthy list of patch notes over on the Halo website, topped off with the most important one: “Addressed a number of issues that resulted in extended matchmaking times and low matchmaking success rates.”

There’s no word yet on when exactly the update will go live, but 343 says it will be by the end of the day. Here’s hoping they can actually fix all of the problems.


  • Not much to help Campaign players out.
    Many people, including myself are having one hell of a time with our save games either not working or getting rolled back a long way.
    Mostly on Halo 2A and Halo 4.

  • I wonder who stuffed up with this?

    Different developers worked on each game, and 343 usually have Certain Affinity work on their matchmaking.
    I wonder if it was a problem with the games sudddenly all working together, or if one developer just hid how far behind release date they were until it was too late?

  • Matchmaking is broken, but so just getting your friends onto the some ‘roster’ as you. Even when I’m only wanting to do a 4-player co-op, we struggle just to have everyone in the same party. People constantly getting kick, drop or simply unable to join requiring a hard reset.

    Hope this fixes those issues.

    • Played tonight, worked slightly better as I got into a game or two but it was a literal 3-4min wait in the lobby. Also in every single game I went into the team were ALWAYS uneven and boring and crap because you were either dominating or getting smashed. Still broken and frankly it’s getting pathetic that it take more than 20 second to find 10 people for Team Slayer, Easily the most popular Play style as it got its own dedicated playlist.

  • I’m so glad I haven’t tried matchmaking yet on this game. I feel like it would’ve really dampened my experience with it. I’ve played through the first two campaigns over a weekend (I have little time for the things I love), then I’ve let my girlfriend borrow it over this week. Perfect timing for this patch to come in 🙂 Honestly, I don’t know what everyone is complaining about. There’s so much you could do with four campaings. That custom mission playlist thing looks awesome. And if you really want matchmaking that badly, play a different game until they fixed it. I mean it is pretty horrible that it’s not working…but first world problems yo.

    • Unfortunately campaign is broken as well. I can’t co-op play halo 2 with anyone and that is the big remake game I was waiting for. But like you said I can play the other 3 games co-op, and I have. Hopefully these issues ate also resolved with thsi update

        • I haven’t had any issues with H2:A co-op
          cleared it with a mate on Normal, and another mate on Heroic, (both over Xbox Live) then locally with the GF

          Had some lag issues with Halo 3, nothing new there though… just wish they’d fix matchmaking multiplayer soon.

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