The Internet Reacts To Star Wars: The Force Awakens' First Trailer

The Internet Reacts To Star Wars: The Force Awakens' First Trailer

There was a lot anticipation around the new Star Wars trailer this morning — lots of people found themselves refreshing websites over and over just to watch the teaser. Unsurprisingly, now that the trailer is finally here, people have a lot to say about the new Star Wars movie.

The trailer isn't very long, and it's not the type of footage that explains the entire plot. That makes sense, since it's just a teaser. But even so, people seem rather hyped about the trailer. There's a lot of excitement, and of course, a lot of jokes about the new Star Wars. Here's some of what people have to say about The Force Awakens' trailer:


    Inspiration for the new lightsaber

      Damn, beaten to it. I was going to post the same thing. :P

    The music and sound effects made me mighty nostalgic for the original trilogy that's for sure.

    All of the feels. They could have just showed the Falcon flying and people would have been happy.

    The guard for the new light saber is a little silly, if they use the grip, they are going to lose their fingers/hand.

      why do all sword fighters during the middle ages end up with broken or badly bruised wrist because they keep hitting their hands on the guard? the guard is there to stop in coming blows not to stop your hands sliding.

    I MUST have seen a fake trailer because I remebered it looking really ugly and disappointing. Ill have to check it out again when I get home.

    listening to the idiot masses complain about the lightsab-sword just reminds me how god awful and whiny we human beings are these days. BSG, Walking Dead were both completely right, we dont deserve to survive as a species.

    here is some simple come backs for the complainers.//
    1) they have been part of canon before 2) maybe they are made from some material sabre cant cut 3) if the Sith is trained in the weapon, why would they cut off their own hands, 4) just proves how stupid all the other jedi have been in history, maybe if a few of them had one of them on their sabre they might still have their limbs.

    PS Loved the trailer.

      I wouldn't go so far to call them idiots. This is a nerd culture we are dealing with here. We discuss the practicalities of fictional objects and worlds all the time. It's half the fun. Till we see an official explanation or see how that lightsaber works in combat people will speculate. Honestly I think the blade is an older model since the beam doesn't seem focused at all compared to what we know from the movies.

      I think it'd be rather handy myself. I remember when Obi-Wan almost lost an arm to Dooku sliding his blade along during a deadlock.

      Either way. STAR WARS! It's been too long.

        As I recall it, (esspecially based on how the saber seems to fizzle more than normal in the trailer). Some Sith used more "unstable" crystals in the designs of their sabers, allowing them to cut through other normal sabers if used correctly.
        The Downside is that these overcharged sabers were prone to shorting out and overheating, hence the two "vents" on the side.

    That's a wookie ship top left in the droid shot yeah?!!

    What other canon?
    Do you mean all the other canon that Disney dismissed, something along the lines of "there are 6 movies, the clone wars tv show and the other new show they are doing, everything else doesn't count anymore.

    BREAKING: Modern kids in shock as Star Wars teaser trailer refuses to reveal entire plot condensed in to 2 minutes.

    Haha, this. So true.

      The vast majority of whinging I've seen online about the new star wars has been the new light-saber (Seriously, even the films made a point of saying that ALL light-sabers were different and built by the user) and that the teaser doesn't give any plot away.

      Isn't that the point of a teaser?
      I hate it when i watch a trailer and before I know it it's ruined the entire story...

        When the official trailer comes out, I know that I'll be DYING to watch it, but I'll try my hardest to avoid it...

        I'll likely end up shaking violently like a drug addict, but it'll be worth it. Just gotta hide all the sharp things lying around the house, just in case I lose my shit.

        Last edited 29/11/14 7:51 pm

    The cross guard makes little to no sense as it is stop an opponents sword, but I don't believe lightsabers really have the weight or physical inertia to slide like an actual heavy piece of steel does when clanging against each other. Am I the only one who thinks this?
    Either that or it's an inverted cross because Sith are all Satan fans.

    But in other news, that trailer just looks freaking excellent. It's so visually gorgeous. I had no idea how much I wanted to see a snow covered forest in Star Wars until now either.

      I don't believe lightsabers really have the weight or physical inertia to slide like an actual heavy piece of steel does when clanging against each other.

      Rewatch the force user battles in previous films. It's pretty common for Jedi to get hit on their wrists or forearms, although this is usually due to lazy fight choreography. Hopefully the guard will prevent similarly embarrassing moments in this film.

      Last edited 30/11/14 9:12 am

        in Kendo (Japanese fencing) there is a standard move which targets the wrist & hand (obviously Katanas don't have hand protection)

          100% true. But katanas also have a real physical weight and presence to them, unlike a little hilt that projects a laser sword that is essentially totally weightless.

        Fair enough. I am planning to rewatch them on the flight home from Tokyo. So I shall revisit this then.

          It's particularly noticeable in Attack of the Clones, where Dooku defeats both Anakin and Obi-Wan in exactly the same way.

    Looked like a fan film trailer. Lacks polish and epic ness that should come with Star Wars

    Every time I see the unmasked storm trooper I think of Gary from the Robot Chicken parodies. My guess is he's suffering from a lot of stress cause it's take your daughter to work day and he's lost Jessica and Mr Fuzzybottom.

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