The Pinball RPG I Always Wanted

Rollers of the Realm is a pinball/RPG hybrid. It's also the type of pinball game I've wanted for a long time.

Some of you may remember the old NES title Pinball Quest, a game that mixed RPG elements with pinball. It held a lot of promise, but 8-bit physics could just never do pinball justice. Rollers of the Realm, on the other hand, just feels right. It manages to combine my love of pinball with my need to upgrade weapons and kill things, and that's pretty great.

Rollers of the Realm is available on PC, PS4 and Vita.


    You take that back! Pinball Quest was amazing!!


      Can't actually believe there are other people referencing Pinball Quest too. I don't think I've ever come across anyone else who knew it.

    May have to check this out. I quickly get bored of regular pinball but if you add a little extra, I can't stop. Spent hours playing Metroid Prime Pinball on DS, such a great game.

      I loved that game so much. Such a great source of frustration :P Did you ever check out Mario Pinball Land? I was interested in it, but stuff I read at the time said it wasn't so great so I held off. But then in the meantime I'm pretty sure I've heard others sing its praises. Also I wish I knew House Of The Dead Pinball was a thing sooner.

        I didn't even hear about it until it was old. Wasn't it for advance?

          Yeah, and US-only I think. I only found out about it a year or two ago.

            Yep, yeah never played.

              Oh hey, what about Odama for Cube? I picked that up a while ago, still yet to open it though >_>


                  Pinball game set in feudal Japan with voice-controlled troops on the field that you have to direct. While playing pinball.

                  Or some crazy shit like that :P

      I saw your retweet out of the corner of my eye earlier, and kind of took it onboard, but was busy, so kinda not. Then I went back to look.. hot damn! This looks pretty awesome! :) Can't wait to give it a while some day! :)

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