The PlayStation 4 Is Now The Fastest Selling Console In Australian History

The PlayStation 4 Is Now The Fastest Selling Console In Australian History

Sony has just announced that, as per NPD Group data, the PlayStation 4 is now the fastest selling home console in Australian history.

Sony didn’t provide any actual unit numbers for Australian sales, but according to Louis Gil of the NPD Group, the console hardware market has more than doubled in value since the launch of 8th generation consoles, and the PlayStation 4 accounts for 44% of that growth.

“As PlayStation powers into its twentieth year in Australia, we couldn’t be happier with our position with PS4 at the top spot of the interactive entertainment industry,” said Michael Ephraim, Managing Director, Sony Computer Entertainment Australia and New Zealand. “I’ve watched this business grow over the 20 years and have had the pleasure of being part of the monumental change in innovation and category growth; of which PlayStation has historically been a key driver of.”

The PlayStation 4 had a notoriously difficult launch in Australia. Because of a worldwide shortage of consoles, the Xbox One actually had a more successful opening launch week. The PlayStation 4 shortage allowed Microsoft to register record opening week sales compared to the PlayStation 4 despite the fact that — according to most reports — the PlayStation 4 was by far the more pre-ordered console.

Now, with the shortage issue resolved the PlayStation 4 has saled to a record breaking first year on the market.


    • I do remember something about last generation where the attachment rate was higher for the 360. Doesn’t mean its the same for this generation.

    • Troll or Fanboy?

      Upvote me if you think Troll, Downvote if you think Fanboy. I can use the voting system as a poll. I think Fanboy but I can’t downvote myself. So remove 1 from the final score.

    • I’m going to go ahead assume that this comment is more directed at the general state of current gen game releases in generals, more reheated left overs anyone?

      • It’s finally starting to get better. And it’s not so much reheated leftovers it’s more like the same dish with a better chef preparing it. We haven’t quite cut ties to the old system so I feel we’re still having these Cross Generation games hold back what is capable on the new current gen systems.

        I looked at GTA5, a game I skipped on last gen because I knew it was coming to this gen. And looking at it from the point of view of a guy who hasn’t played it. It’s amazing.

        • From the view point of a guy that’s put almost 700 hours into GTA Online I can say it looks amazing. Def buying again for current gen and pc.

    • That’s if PSN can stay online for more then a few days lol

      I have seen more failures with sony in the gaming news then xbox one by 10 fold, there may be more PS4’s in Australia but that is just more people that run into problems trying to turn on their paper weight console.

      My xbox one has not had 1 single issue from day 1, games have not failed and i am one very happy Xbox owner.

    • wii went great at launch but it really got big numbers over the first 12 months so i think the volume was more widespread.

  • …the PlayStation 4 has saled to a record breaking…..

    Saled? Thats not a word. Did you mean sailed? Or were you trying to be funny?

  • This makes no sense to me. I mean, sure, I bought one, but I’m an enthusiast. Compared with PS2 (DVD player!), PS3 (Blu ray player!) or Wii (motion control!) I have no idea why regular Joes would be buying them at such a rate.

    • I’ll bet the release price had something to do with it. Remember, the other PlayStation consoles were prohibitively expensive upon release.

        • Yeah, it essentially jumped forward through 2 years worth of price cuts prior to launch. Probably aided by the fact that the previous gen lasted longer than usual. If it had launched with the same specs 2 years earlier (in line with the traditional 5 year cycle) then the launch price probably would have been nearer the $700-750 mark, I reckon.

    • I think regular Joes or casual gamers will just go with the “what’s everyone else buying” route. and with what happened at E3 with Microsoft I know some people who still think you cant sell your games and you have to connect to the internet every 24hrs with the Xbox one they heard the big rumours at the time but are simply unaware that MSoft went in a different direction. That’s my theory anyway.

      • This is a great point. I know it influenced my decision last gen. I was a Sony fanboy, but grabbed a 360 because all my mates had games I could borrow while I built my own collection. None of my mates had PS3, so I didn’t get one either.

    • I reckon lots of teens on the PS4 train, the reason I say this is I’m a parent and I don’t know anybody with a PS4 but know 6 people with an Xbox One already – all of them in their 30s so make of that what you will…

      • I have to say, I love that the x1 community (on Aussie/local servers anyway) is so grown up. Haven’t had a bad experience online yet, where when I jump onto my 360 to play GTAO it’s screaming kids and trolls galore.

        • It is a massive contrast to the 360. It sounds like a clichéd joke but play any COD on the 360 with headphones on and you’ll hear shining examples of individuals whose main claim to fame is that they can’t be charged as an adult

          • Actually, I have to revoke my last statement. Playing the Destiny Raid for the first time today, and played with 2 trolls. Held us back at least an hour total. And were pricks about it too. Sigh.

  • Next week the headlines will Read

    ‘The PlayStation 4 is now the number 1 breeder of dust mites in Australian History’

    Sold mine after the driveflop fiasco
    What a waste of money and a massive dust gatherer

  • Console sales are so bizarre to me.
    I was planning on getting a PS4, but not until later when there are more games. I’m really basing this on how strong they finished in the last gen (I had a 360 and was pretty disappointed over the last year or so). I’d argue that Wii U had a better first 12 months than PS4 has gamewise yet that is selling really poorly.

  • I was a massive Microsoft fan. I pc game (still do) and got a xbox when they first came out and loved it, I quickly moved to the 360 afterwards. Over the course of 2 years I had 5 xbox 360’s break on me due to red rings. Play station 3 for some reason did not appeal to me so I stopped console gaming in late 2008.

    This gen i decided to give Sony ago and have not looked back apart from a few psn issues with servers going down is has been a great experience. The xbox one does not appeal to me at all and the only thing of Microsoft I will buy now is their os’s.

    Microsoft lost a hardcore fan with the 360 and sony gained one with the 4, I recommend it to all my friends considering a console.

    • I never RROD my 360, but I did upgrade to the slimmer model. My Friend YLOD 4 PS3’s.

      Sometimes you lose the console lottery and sometimes when you lose you lose big.

  • I bought one and overall I’m pretty happy with it. The launch lineup sucked balls though and I think it’s ridiculous that so many titles were remastered. Don’t get me wrong, I bought the Last of Us Remastered and thoroughly enjoyed it (hadn’t played it previously), but where were the truly next-gen launch titles that make you want to buy a console? There weren’t any for me.

    Nevertheless I still bought my PS on day one and am enjoying it a lot. Destiny consumes my play time at the moment. And yes, it’s a flawed game, but I still enjoy the hell out of it. Something about it keeps me coming back.

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