The Proudest Moment Of My World Of Warcraft Career

The Proudest Moment Of My World Of Warcraft Career

From lowly newbie Shaman to decorated General of the Alliance with his own castle stronghold in a little over a month. I could definitely get used to this.

This was definitely my favourite moment of the World of Warcraft Warlords of Draenor expansion so far — when what was once just a rough assemblage of logs blossomed into a full-fledged castle.

My garrison now has pretty much everything I need. A stables that allows me to capture exotic mounts. Alchemy and enchanting stations to develop my professions. A herb garden. An extensive ore mine. A fishing pond. A war tower with its own portal to the expansion's main city (if you could call it that).

I know just about everyone my level ends up with one, but since they are instanced I never see them, so it's easy to imagine I'm the only one. It's a pretty powerful feeling.

So much so that I've now got a level 90 undead warrior, so I can do it all over again from the other side.


    >Using original Blizzard UI
    Clearly not a raider!

      ^^Raids with mostly stock UI, barmods are not needed If you bind and macro everything like you should.

      Have you seen how many spells/abilities they removed from the game?

      I went from having multiple spells macro'd out to having massive holes on the bars of my mage.

        What class? I can't say I missed too many abilities when 6.0, playing as *mumble mumble*

      I had a friend in my old raid group who would use pretty much the stock UI (I think he had like two or three basic add-ons). He wasn't the most technically minded guy so mods never interested him enough to play around with them, and he was good enough at just judging the numbers as they came to him that he didn't really need any of the advanced readouts.
      Overall he was about as good a raider as you can ask for. Really his only problem was that he always wanted to see the encounters from another perspective or try some new technique his current class couldn't. It resulted in him switching characters a lot more than he should have, but even then he did it with purpose so it's not like he'd jump on his mage with no gear and no idea what to do.

      Personally I think I could raid without them in theory but I always felt it just created more room for error. None of my mods were vital but like potions I'd use them anyway because in a team sport I always feel like I need to push the absolute limit of what I can do.

      raiding isn't bad on a normal ui, and I mean he does say that he started a month ago so that sort of answers your question.

      all I have for me as a tank is usually dbm and skada plus healbot when I play healer, and those don't actually change my ui by that much.

        You don't really need Skada, it's just fun for epenis or knowing who to blame.
        Or, feeling bad about yourself. I do that one a lot.

          I do it for tracking interrupts and things like that rather than dps or hps, means I can see who is actually paying attention to enemy cast bars

          or post fight stuff like looking at damage taken to see if any dps stood in the fire for way to long

          Last edited 25/11/14 5:24 pm

      I've played since December 2004.... Always used stock UI... Have raided most of the expansions except BC. Unless you're retarded the stock UI is fine. And this is from someone who has done every role.

    Now if only the Horde Garrison wasn't so completely ugly and awful, I could be just as proud.


    I have to admit blizzard snarfing nailed it with the concept of garrisons you feel like the biggest baddest hero ever

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