The Story Of Fallout 3's Most Evil Item

The Story Of Fallout 3's Most Evil Item

Everyone knows that things got bad in the Fallout universe when the bombs dropped. But even before that, it's been said that something... wrong was stirring. It all started with this book.

The latest video in ShoddyCast's absolutely not shoddy Fallout Lore series gives us a grimly narrated look at the Krivbeknih, an ancient evil text that's driven vile men and women to even viler deeds. In-game, you can find it as part of Fallout 3's Point Lookout DLC. The tome's decrepit roots spread much further than that, however. It's basically Fallout's Necronomicon.

The video is an excellent watch, focusing on the Blackhall family, who clasped clammy hands around the book for centuries. There's also the matter of a diabolical obelisk mere miles from the capital of this whole country. Oh, and there's a swamp resting literally on the backs of dead men, full of mutated monstrosities who've formed a cult around the Blackhall family — a cult around a cult, essentially. Pleasant.

So yeah, have a nice weekend!


    Isn't that like the same item you can find in ES:V?

    Last edited 16/11/14 10:53 am

      Well, both games are drawing heavily from H. P. Lovecraft's work here (both books resemble the Necronomicon, for instance). The fact that the two games draw inspiration from Lovecraft for these segments doesn't necessarily mean they are related to each other.

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