The Xbox One Is Basically Indestructible

The Xbox One Is Basically Indestructible

Which new-gen console is more durable? Which can fall from a place high enough to kill a man and keep ticking? This is certainly one way to find out. Oh, and loser gets chainsawed in half.

Wired's Battle Damage segment subjected the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles to an endless torrent of torment. Or at least they decided to drop both of them from increasingly high places until they stopped working. First to let out a final, defeated screech was declared the loser... and summarily chainsawed in half.

Unfortunately, after a 4.5m drop, the PS4 — or rather, a jagged box of shrapnel that once called itself a PS4 — wouldn't even turn on. The Xbox, despite missing sizable chunks of its boxy frame, continued to work like a charm.

We can only draw one conclusion from this: The Xbox One is INDESTRUCTIBLE. Dying after a 4.5m fall? Totally forgivable. I could probably be killed by a particularly nasty fall from that height, so I can't hold it against the PlayStation 4. Xbox One, however, was like, "Gravity? What even is that. I'm a box of machine parts so I literally do not know. Wanna play some games? Yeah wheeee let's play some games! Games, yeah, games!"

Which, of course, brings us to the PS4's cruel posthumous fate:

The Xbox One Is Basically Indestructible

Not gonna lie: Watching these machines fall and shatter and try their damndest to keep on working made me a little sad. Same with the PS4's brutal execution. I honestly don't have any particular affinity for either machine, but there's just something heartbreaking — in a weirdly human way — about seeing them helplessly clatter to the ground. Even earlier, when talking about the Xbox, I couldn't help but personify the hell out of it. Maybe I care more than I think about these boxes that have taken me to so many far away lands.

Related: I'm gonna go buy a bunch of pillows to put under the table where I currently keep my PS4. You know, just in case.


    I consider myself a calm person, but these videos make me so damn angry.

      Yeah, totally agree. So wasteful. They could at least donate these to someone less fortunate. You know, like some sick kids or something.

        Because they bought\were given them?

        Age of Entitlement.

    Don't know why some gamers 'get off' on this

    That's a bit unfair the PlayStation landed with a direct hit! While the Xbox sliped out on a corner and transferred the force.

    can they do a test using every console ever
    pretty sure n64 might win though.
      I'm pretty sure this is sturdier.

        i used to have one of these. ahh the memories.

    Apart from the lameness of doing it, it wasn't even a reasonable test, in the second drop they hit the ground at completely different angles.

      They have white lab coats they know what they're doing.

    I have to agree, live 3 stories up and got smashed by the Brisbane storms last night. All my windows got smashed in and when i picked up my xbox one water came pouring out of it. Wrote it off as being broke and assumed id claim it on insurance. About 3 hours later was moving things around to clean up and thought what the hell ill try the xbox and wham it loads up first time and im playing destiny with no lights and no windows....good times

    God I hate childish waste like this. Smashing stuff isn't funny.

    Though when FPS Russia's 360 died the way he blew that up was fantastic. That was a dead Xbox though and he used some crazy stuff.

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