There Are Things Worse Than Silence In Dragon Age

Sometimes, when you're talking with someone in Dragon Age, a glitch might happen: all conversation options disappear, and you're left standing there in silence. Usually it's just a small, annoying niggle. But here it's kind of perfect.

Watch as a rude conversation turns full-on awkward with the Tevinter mage Dorian. Thanks for uploading it, skurk! I can't help but wonder how many other conversations can be 'improved' with this glitch now too.

Dragon Age: Inquisition - well, that's awkward. [skurk]


    Had that happen once. Thought I'd have to reset, but my character just kept on eyeballing Cassandra for about thirty seconds before moving on.

    The "pregnant pause" glitch.

    I've had this. More annoying is sometime I hit x to bring up the captions for dialog in cut scenes and to skip through, normally it skips to the next line of conversation, last night I did it and it just skipped an entire cut scene. It normally warns me when I'm skipping but not this time

    That is actually a very well timed glitch. I usually find these kind of videos a bit meh, but I thought was genuinely funny.

    FYI: Something that occasionally fixes a different conversation glitch for me (the one where you are roaming and the transparent speech bubble pops up, but won't let you hit X to engage, just jump) is hitting the potion menu (PS4 L1) and leaving it open while navigating the next conversation menu.

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      Once had my character jump and start the speech bubble conversation at the same time and got stuck mid jump animation. He was walking on his tiptoes like he was hanging from a clothesline and moonwalked when going backwards. Kind of reminded me of a cowboy ready to draw his guns. I walked around for a couple of minutes talking like a cowboy to amuse myself then jumped again to fix it. Good times.

    Got this while hitting Cassandra with my Qunari warrior, was so weird just sitting there blinking forever while naked.

    I had this happen to me right after a difficult boss fight at the end of a story dungeon, and thought I couldn't get passed it because it auto played after the battle. I played through the battle 3 times and same thing happened.

    A tip for those that come across this issue - I found the reason behind it was because the game had logged me out of origin and I wasn't connected to the dragon age server. Going back to the main menu and logging back in did the trick for me :) (I think you can also do it from the in game menu actually, come to think of it. Can't remember for sure though)

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