There’s A New Kingdom Rush Out Today

Briefly: Called Kingdom Rush: Origins, it’s $4 on iPhone/Android and $6.49 on iPad, and is everything you might expect from a new game in the wonderfully addictive tower defence series: new towers, new heroes, annoying microtransactions, fantastic gameplay.


  • I love the Kingdom Rush games, but I really do think the subtitle “Origins” in game titles needs to be retired. That and “Revelations”.

  • I got quite far in the first one and kind of hit a difficulty wall.

    Haven’t tried the 2nd one yet, might give it a go before I try this.

  • Annoying microtransactions?

    Of all the mobile games I have played the microtransactions in kingdom rush are the least annoying. They are not even remotely necessary to enjoy the game, and unlike most games, they dont jump out at you asking to be purchased.

    Having said that, frontiers is the ONLY game i have ever spent money on in app, because i enjoyed it so much, and wanted to play through a second time with on of the other heroes.

  • I have a bit of an issue with paying $4 for a game, then having to pay real money in game to unlock heroes, and there being a premium currency like in Kingdom Rush 2…its looks like a great game, and I do believe in supporting the devs… but I feel 2 of those 3 pay options would be enough; all 3 just feels a little much…

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