Only A Couple Hours Left Until Warlords Of Draenor Goes Live

Dayshot: There's only a couple hours left until WoW's fifth expansion, Warlords of Draenor, goes live, and these final hours are always eventful, whether it's a last minute raid of the opposite faction's capital or — as in fite_me_irl's screenshot — a giant blob of players gathering to say goodbye to Pandaria.

End of MoP Party [via r/wow]

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    Phew , means I'll be ganked less when I level through Pandaria

    A couple of hours? It's not opening until 6pm tomorrow (AEDT).

      7pm I believe

    I disliked Pandaria to begin with but i ended up really loving this expansion (the lore especially). I will miss MOP.

      I'm in the other corner man, couldn't be happier to be out of Pandaria. Back to Orcs, and spikes and fire and RRRAARRGH

    So jelly.. no PC currently so can't play for another month or so. At least I'll miss that post expansion flood through the first zone.

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