Just The First Bit Of Scorpion's Mortal Kombat X Fatality

This Is Just the First Part of Scorpion's Mortal Kombat X Fatality…

The rest of the undead ninja's finishing move is… let's just say you just have to see it.

Shown during a Twitch stream by Mortal Kombat X developer Netherrealm, Scorpion's newest finishing move is one of the most brutal moments in an already gory, over-the-top game.

This Is Just the First Part of Scorpion's Mortal Kombat X Fatality…

The stream also included fresh looks at other characters' X-ray moves and Fatalities, collected in a video by fighting game impresario Maximilan.

If you want to watch the whole Netherrealm stream, you'll find it below. The action starts at about 14 minutes in.


    Fatalities weren't available at AUS PAX >:

      Not true. Someone belted me with Raiden and somehow pulled a fatality on me.

      That's a little strange... They were available at EB Games Expo...

    Looking at the footage, I'm guessing the game won't be available in Aus either. Here's to another RC title...

      Good chance we'll get it. Despite the fact that they botched the R rating, the little change they did make was to allow a higher level of violence.

        Yeah, violence is less of an issue now. We should still get it.

          They're more focused on drugs, and drug use.

            So, as long as Scorpion doesn't whip out a joint after the fatality, we're home free ...

              This is Scorpion we're talking about.... He's always

              I am so sorry.
              EDIT: Would have been more fitting for Smoke... God damnit

              Last edited 08/11/14 11:44 am

                I can imagine the classification board: Is this Reptile character on ... acid!?

          Yep, just no alien narcotics that let you fly in a virtual world. Thats just way out of line.

      It'd be so nice if people would start reading up about our new laws regarding games instead of holding onto the past...

      In my opinion, as someone who doesn't care about any sort of censorship whatsoever, this is pretty goddamn morbid. I don't really want to play a game that revels in gore and viscera like this, and I don't see how this is celebrated and cheered for yet the "murder simulator" that was all over the news for being disgusting and poor taste is condemned. What's the difference?

      Perhaps the classification board got it right on this one.

        I think supernatural themes give you a bit of extra slack in terms of gore.

        That's the excuse I'm using anyway. Because while I find this video kind of gross, I also find it kind of amusing.

          Yeah because it pushes it so far, it basically becomes completely absurd, to the point where it's humorous. But still, it's such a fine line that I don't think Mortal Kombat always gets right.

          Imagine those idiots on Fox News talking about this game, and what defense would they have? "Seeing someone's spine ripped out of their body in painstaking detail is FUNNY!" Doesn't say much for the maturity of an industry that's viewed by every other industry as a crass, dirty child.

          Last edited 08/11/14 9:39 pm

        Here's the thing: you don't have to play it.

        You say you are against censorship and then in the same sentence you say that the board should be limiting what media adults can consume. You can't have it both ways.

    What the hell are you talking about? Are you taking the piss or?

    If you don't like it then don't play it. No one's putting a gun to your head are they? If you don't care about censorship, you're apart of the problem. If you're happy having the government dictate your entertainment choices then I truly pity you.

    But aside from that, this won't be banned. It definitely would be nice if some people educated themselves about the CURRENT laws surrounding classification, rather than still living in 2002.

    Fun fact, MK9 was released with an R rating after the rating was introduced. Fun fact #2, L4D2 was also released uncut recently due to the R rating.

    Other fun facts:
    Give games such as The Evil Within or Outlast a play - they have both been released in Australia, uncut, no problems. Both of which (especially Outlast and it's expansion Whistleblower) contain some of the most intense, in your face, horrific and down right terrifying content I have ever seen in a game. Seriously, go play it or watch some videos - it even contains Necrophilia. Words cannot describe the amount of absolutely messed up content in that game, which also happens to be an AMAZING horror game.

    MK is over the top, silly violence. There is no way it'll be banned. It is not comparable to games such as Outlast which are quite serious in tonality and context. Not to mention the fact they actually go above and beyond what you'd expect to see in a game.

    Not that I give a crap if a game is banned here in a practical sense, as I can simply download it via US PSN or import, but sheer ignorance annoys me. Yes the ACB is still an utterly useless, arbitrary government department and the fact that games CAN be RC'd at all is laughable. But you'd be surprised just how much more liberal they are with violence nowadays. No game has been banned for violence itself since the introduction of the R rating.

    But hey, Alien Narcotics is what we REALLY need protection from ain't it? Whoever thought Outlast is fine but Saints Row needed to be banned, should be deported to Antarctica. It really shows the down right stupidity of politicians.

      Look, nobody will agree with you more than me that the classification board has some completely ancient ideas about what is and isn't acceptable in games. But to say that Outlast, a game that uses explicit content to create revulsion, and Mortal Kombat, which celebrates extreme gore and violence, are the same or that the former is somehow worse, is completely missing the point. It's not the content itself, it's the approach to the content.

      And you say there's no way MK would be banned but of course it has been banned in Australia before, only a few years ago. Yes the R18 rating will probably pass it through, but games like this are just painting a target on the industry's back that outsiders (the kind of old people who can create legislation to impede what we do and don't get) will point to and say "See? We told you games are just for kids and immature adults!"

      When I say i don't care about censorship I mean I have no problem with games using violence or drugs or anything, if it's handled well. And by handled well I don't mean seeing every detail in a character's entrails, I mean maturely.

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