This Week In Games: Best Week Ever...

If you're talking major studio, 'AAA' releases, this might be the biggest week of the year. Far Cry 4, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Grand Theft Auto V on current gen consoles. This is a massive week. Are you planning to pick anything up?

Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom (360/PS3/3DS)

What is it? It's another of those Adventure Time games. Man, they sure make a lot of these. Should you care? For fans of the series only.

Arcana Heart 3: Love Max (PS Vita)

What is it? It constantly surprises me how many JRPGs actually find their way here. Sure they can't be selling well. Should you care? This is fairly average by all reports.

Dragon Age: Inquisition (Xbox One/PS4/Xbox 360/PS3/PC)

What is it? It's the latest Dragon Age, and one of the most anticipated games of the year. It's also supposed to be really good. Should you care? I'm not even a fan of the series and I'm super keen to start playing this.

Far Cry 4 (Xbox One/PS4/Xbox 360/PS3/PC)

What is it? Ubisoft's last big release of the year. Hopefully this is better than Assassin's Creed! Should you care? I have a good feeling about this one. Far Cry 3 was great.

Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox One/PS4)

What is it? It's the spruced up next gen version of Grand Theft Auto V. Should you care? This is more than your typical updated 'definitive' edition. I'm really excited about this.

Never Alone (PC)

What is it? An incredible project that explores the vibrant world of Alaskan Native culture. Should you care? This game is great. I've played it, it's cool. The stories behind the game are incredible too. Well worthy of your support and time.

Particulars (PC)

What is it? A locally developed game set in the world of sub-atomic particles. Part puzzler, part action. Very cool. Should you care? Yeah, this is a very interesting, unique game.

Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire (3DS)

What is it? Hey it's a surprise Pokemon game! Well it was a surprise for me at least. Didn't know this was coming out this week. Should you care? Sure, why not. It's Pokemon.

Rabbids Invasion (360/PS4)

What is it? So surprised these games are still being made, but they're good fun, so why not. Should you care? I'll be skipping this.

Reverse Side (PC)

What is it? This is a video game that's basically like the movie Gravity, which is like a video game. Awesome. Should you care? I know little to nothing about this game, but it looks cool. I like the idea.

Roller of the Realm (PC)

What is it? Okay, bear with me here. This is a pinball game. That is also an RPG set in medieval times. Yep. Should you care? This is, by all accounts, really, really cool. Has reviewed really strongly.

Rugby 15 (PC)

What is it? Hey, it's a rugby game. That's good. Should you care? This looks good in motion, but I don't know enough about Rugby or Rugby video games to judge.

The Marvellous Miss Take (PC)

What is it? A mouse controlled stealth game that's apparently quite innovative. Should you care? I like the art style of this, and I'm curious as to how its controls work. Seems interesting.

TOME: Immortal Arena (PC)

What is it? A brand new MOBA that is apparently pretty fast paced. Should you care? Sure, why not, but you sure you don't want to stick to one of the more established MOBAs?

WWE 2K15 (Xbox One/PS4/Xbox 360/PS3)

What is it? It's the new WWE game, that's it really. Apparently it's a big step up but I'll believe it when I see it. Should you care? I think wrestling is on its way to being cool again, but it's not quite there yet.

Did we miss anything? What are you buying this week? Let us know in the comments below!


    forgot company of heroes. So many for me this week Dragon age, COH, Far cry, GTA, Pokemon, WWE and new 3DS XL. This is the week I've been saving for

    Probably Far Cry 4 since I loved the previous couple of games in the series. Reviews are OK, although I'm still a bit wary of it after the Assassin's Creed debacle... does anybody know if they've gone and stuck microtransactions into this one too?

    Keen on GTA5, but that will probably wait until later on since I've got too much other stuff to play right now.

    goddamn it. Dragon Age & Far Cry. think I'm gonna call in dead to work so I have enough time for them both.

    One, two, three, four...eight.

    Eight games I would buy this week if I didn't have bills/need food.

    Yup. Big week. *cries into almost empty wallet*

    Fary Cry 4, GET HYPE @janexo!

      Oh, yeah, that thing that I'm only mildly interested in an... HAAAACHACHACHACHAAAAA I cannot pretend I am not so damn excited!

    I need to grab a PS4. Maybe by the time i'm able to Far Cry 4 will have its issues patched out (or am I being cynical?).
    Add that to the rest of the killer lineup from the tail end of this year and I'll have quite a library to get stuck into after the post-Christmas sales.

      I never found Far Cry 3 to be too buggy?

        Far Cry 3 ran beautifully on PS3 but given Ubisoft's reputation with their transition to next-gen (Watch Dogs and Unity) I'm going to wait until I know it's solid rather than dealing with a disappointing version of the game In most looking forward to in 2014.

    Never buying from Ubisoft again, DA: inquisition I literally cannot wait!

    ... Stilling hanging on for GTA5 on PC.. please lord let it be a good port.

      Why aren't you buying Ubisoft games?

        Ubisoft are worse than EA and Activision combined these days.

      I hate Ubisoft too but I think the “I’m never buying their games again” thing is a bit dramatic.

      I could count on one hand the number of companies in the games business that I actually have significant good will towards and it wouldn’t include many companies who make games that I love.

      MS (Forza microtransactions), Sony (streaming, pay to use backwards compatibility on the PS4), Nintendo (region locking), EA (everything they’ve ever done), Ubisoft (see EA), Bethesda (glitchey Fallout: NV, Skyrim on the PS3)……

      If you have no faith in the company don’t buy average titles, don’t be a sucker for overpriced or exploitative DLC and FOR GODS SAKE DON’T PRE-ORDER!!!

      If you’re only going to play games by companies who aren’t assholes then you’re going to miss out on a lot of Halos, Uncharteds, Zeldas, Mass Effects, Far Crys and Fallouts in between Witcher titles!

        They have the PR machine running so well oiled you cant tell what an average game is any more.. I didn't hear a single thing about how bad Assassins was until it was released and given to the public.

        Last edited 17/11/14 11:46 am

          Oh yeah, I agree.

          If you didn’t pre-order then who gives a sh*t though.
          The games is pretty ordinary so I don’t have to buy it. Fine by me!

          They tack on pre-order “bonus” content and are happy to take your money before the game is release, then they put a review embargo in place so nobody can tell you if it’s any good.
          Fuck that. A pre-order is totally unnecessary and if anything should be seen as a display of extremely good faith by the consumer. If a company is behaving the way Ubisoft have been and people still pre-order their stuff then they’ve got nobody to blame but themselves.

          I enjoyed AC IV a lot, but AC III was a POS. AC II was great but the two games that followed it were less impressive…. Why anyone would have assumed the new AC would be great is beyond me.

      yea i didn't get unity but canceled my pre order for far cry. I don't care if its buggy or not, we need to make a stand... That is one thing I love about consoles still want to play a game but don't want to support the company get a pre owned that way ebgames only get your money. If its a good company I always by new if they are ass bags pre owned all the way. but getting gta on ps4 myself but will migrate to pc if its a good port for online when its out.

      Last edited 17/11/14 11:26 am

      I make my stand on a case by case basis. I bought DA Inquisition on origin because it doesn't seem to have day one DLC, stupid always online DRM and they have a good returns policy.

      I didn't buy Sim City and I didn't buy The Sims 4 despite how much I wanted to play them at the time because of the scummy decisions they made.

      I wont buy any Ubisoft game that has uPlay. Last Ubi game I bought was Call of Juarez: Gunslinger as it didn't use uPlay. Every single time Anno 2070 goes on sale I get tempted to pick it up but then I think about how I would be supporting uPlay and awful DRM.

        Yeah my net was out last night but couldn't play Black Flag, even though I have spent more than 50 hours playing it on my PC Uplay informed me that it needed to be connected to the internet for first time use.. If I am going to have this much hassle for legit copies I might as well illegally download them.

          Its tragic how often the torrented copy turns out to be the best version.

    Argh. I hate Friday releases. I know I'm going to be sitting here waiting for my pre-order to arrive on Friday freaking out because I know if it's not here on Friday I have to wait until Monday. Somehow I'll miss the delivery and it'll get redirected to the Post Office, but it won't actually arrive there until 5 minutes before they close. =S

      What's released on Friday?

        Pokemon. It's meant to arrive on the 21st. Hopefully someone has an itchy trigger finger and it gets shipped early.

      DA:I comes out Thursday so don't stress.. also I took Thursday / Friday off so its doubly ok

        If my position wasn't as important I'd be doing the same thing...

          My position will be in front of the TV without underwear for about 72 hours straight.

    A couple of these might be finding their way into Santa's sack this year. I promise I've been a good boy...

      And if you haven't been a good boy - it will be 2 copies of Assassin's Creed: Unity for you!


    I am busy playing through Unity at the moment and have GTA coming tomorrow. Not too keen on FC4 but will definitely pick up Dragon age in a few weeks.

    HAHA he has got a screenshot of Dragon Age II....

      I've noticed gaming sites have done that a lot.

      I've seen heaps of articles with a picture of Hawke attached to them.

    Considering Mark has been a total fanboy over the MCC I'm surprised he's calling this the best week ever :P

    Anyways, I'm holding out on Dragon Age 3, but gonna hear the reviews on 360 to see if I'm missing out on staying back a generation.

      If its anything like the PS3 version it runs like crap and everyone looks like a blurry smear. Texture pop in was really bad and so were load times.

      Its certainly not the way it was meant to be played.

    Frustrating week...

    Still have to play and finish these games:

    Shadow of Mordor
    Sunset Overdrive
    Halo MCC
    Forza Horizon 2
    And have not even touched AC Unity yet...

    Wanting to pick up:

    Dragon Age: Inquisition
    Far Cry 4

    DA:I and FC4 can wait i think till they go on sale even though i so badly want to play them now...

    Point of correction, Arcana Heart 3 isn't a JRPG, it's a 2D fighting game (Like BlazBlue, Guilty Gear, etc.). It is also out for PS3 as well as Vita.

    As a side note, JRPGs are still selling very well, that's why we're seeing a lot more of them coming to the West these days.

    Last edited 17/11/14 10:27 am

    Far Cry tomorrow, Dragon Age on Thursday and Lego Batman 3 next week should just about round out my gaming year. Unless my buddy gives me a super positive review of WWE on the 'bone, then I might get that next month.

    GTAV... Maybe next year. Not enough new stuff to make me wanna pay full price again.

    Definitely DA Inquisition ... and Pokemon (let's hope they send enough to Australia this time). Never Alone sounds interesting.

      I should add that my son loves the WWE games but is actually passing on 2K15 until he sees what it's really like on PS3 (not looking good so far).

    GTA, Dragon Age and Far Cry for me! Although I'm very very very hesitant about buying a Ubisoft title... this one actually looks good. Fingers crossed. This is your last chance Ubisoft.

    Dragon Age is my most anticipated game for the last 2 years. Crazy that it is finally hear.

      Same here! Hoping I can get heaps of work done this week so I can take a sickie on Friday!

    None of the above. I might check out a couple of them eventually, but no rush.

    I am trading in my beaten up 3DS XL for a New 3DS XL, though - which also comes out this Friday!

    I loved Far Cry 3, but as I only want it for the single player, I'm going to wait for the GOTY edition. Screw all that pre-order bonus and Season Pass shite!

    Money, or games? I can only have one or the other....

    Last edited 17/11/14 10:33 am

      GAMES. Dang, there's no use in being the richest kid in the cemetery, you know?

        While my funeral plans may be 'just throw the body in a dumpster' I'm burning through so much money on games this month I might end up there before I die rather than after.

          I'm saving up enough to order a Bouncing Castle for my funeral.

    I can only afford to buy 1 so to me its no contest - GTA V on PS4.....

    FC4 will have to wait for xmas - try and get the wife to buy it for me.... or maybe I'll buy me a nice gift I have been good this yr after all.

    Cursory glance... zzzzzzzzzzzzz...

    Wait, Never Alone is that Alaskan game? That one looked interesting.

    OH MAN THERE'S A PINBALL RPG?? Did anyone else here play Pinball Quest on the NES? I have no idea if it's anything like that thing's RPG mode but I hope so. Friggen loved that game.

    I just completed my 'next-gen' console collection by picking up an XBoxOne on Friday night (It was Halo's fault! Halo made me do it!) and am quite keen to give DA:I a run. Will wait a few days though to see if there are any major issues with it on either system. Plenty to do in the meantime... (Mario Kart, Pro Evo (which is awesome!), Halo, The Evil Within...)

    Also I just got the new levels for Monument Valley. And spent about 4 hours with the wonderful Steamworld Dig yesterday. Too many games...

    Last edited 17/11/14 12:34 pm

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