This Week In Games: Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

This Week In Games: Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Well this is super weird. It’s November. It’s the holiday season. This week should be absolutely packed, but it isn’t. It’s like we’re in the eye of the November storm and it’s eerily quiet. What’s going on here?

I mean, the biggest release this week is probably Football Manager 2015. What gives?

Update: We stupidly missed the biggest release of the week Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Dear dear. Apologies.

A Bird Story (PC)

What is it? Hey it’s a new game by the creator of To The Moon! How did I not know this was coming out!
Should you care? I’m sure it’ll be great. It’s about a boy and an injured bird. INCOMING FEELINGS.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (Xbox One/PS4/360/PS3/PC)

What is it? It’s Call of Duty ya dingus, but it’s advanced, and it’s probably the biggest leap forward for the series in years.
Should you care? I say yes. Absolutely. I loved the shifts in multiplayer when I played it. It has the same core, but expands in cool, interesting ways. I’m keen.

Defenders of Time (PC)

What is it? A tower defence multiplayer effort.
Should you care? Apparently it’s quite innovative. Kinda cool considering how rigid tower defence usually is.

Football Manager 2015 (PC)

What is it? Man, Football Manager games are so niche. But people keep on making them and people keep on playing them.
Should you care? Generally if you like these games, you know all about this. Apparently the Football Manager series has the biggest average play time of any game on Steam. Whoa…

Polarity (PC)

What is it? You play as a hacker in this first person puzzler.
Should you care? Yeah, this looks a bit like Portal lite. Not that that’s a bad thing…

The Binding Of Isaac: The Rebirth (PC)

What is it? A 2014 remake of Edmund McMillan’s The Binding of Isaac.
Should you care? This game is good, but you may have played it already. If not, give it a bash.

Ultimate NES Remix (3DS)

What is it? A game that mixes up classic sections of classic NES games. This is actually quite intriguing.
Should you care? Yeah, I dunno. It’s sounds cool, but I’d rather just play all the great new games on the 3DS.

Anyone buying anything this week? Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below.


  • Wow, you think there’d be a better selection of new games for a week in November. It’s like the middle of the year all over again.

  • I feel like The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth is kind of just being glossed over here, it’s the only game I’ve been excited for in about a year and I know I’m going to get hundreds of hours out of it trying to complete it.

    It’s not ‘more of the same’ of the original, it’s what the original should have been.

    • I think it’s also out on PS4 this week as one of November’s PS+ games. At least I assume November’s PS+ games are out this week?

      • Yep, they announced their release date for the PS side of things over a month ago and because of the past Sony announcement, it will be with PS+… can’t wait to play this on the train to and from work!

        • Starting to get sick of the lack of full retail games on PS+, though. It used to be the most amazing value in gaming (console gaming, at least… PC has the Steam sales). But you don’t even get them on PS3 any more, let alone PS4. Last month’s Batman: Arkham Asylum was pretty much the death knell, I think. Even more laughable considering we got Arkham City about 2 years ago! They could have at least given us Arkham Origins.

          • I’d have more of a problem with it if the quality of the games declined also (subjective of course), but even with all the ‘cheaper’ indie stuff some of the games we’ve been getting have been amazing still. On top of that, I still can’t get through 6 games a month.

            It’s fair to say that PS+ is still in transition, PS4 is still newish and imagine the first retail game will certainly come probably early next year, perhaps in December though as a Christmas gift! :p

            PS3 is finishing up and perhaps Sony are trying to obtain more meager offerings to encourage PS4 adoption.

            As for PSVita, bigger games have been drying up over the last 12mths, so this is always going to get indie games now, though they still have LEGO Hobbit, Movie and Marvel Super Heroes and eventually Batman to still offer eventually! 😉

          • I’m pretty sure we already had the Lego Hobbit game for Vita a while back 😛 Or is there another one?

            While some of the indie games have been pretty good, yes, from a value for money point of view it is nowhere near where it used to be. This was my biggest fear for PS+ once they made it a requirement for online play – now people have to subscribe to get that kind of basic functionality, there’s not nearly as much incentive for them to go the extra mile in terms of the content they provide, since people will be subscribing anyway.

            I think part of it is also that they seem to have standardized the offerings across regions. In the pre-PS4 days, Europe (including us) seemed to get better games (or get the same games sooner) than the US. Now it seems to be the same across both Europe and the US, and sadly it seems to be the US side of it that has become the standard.

          • As far as I know the official release date was 3/11/2014, Once it hits 12:01 it’s officially Monday, and the start of a new week, and they can sell the game, so it shouldn’t have been included in last weeks list.

  • I personally thank this week’s lack of releases, It is a well deserved rest for my wallet. Just like today is a well deserved rest for my liver, after PAX. Hurrrrgh.

    • Agreed. I’m already up to my eyeballs in Borderlands the PS, and SoM. Lords of the Fallen will arrive this week and I suspect Farcry 4 is close..

      Good times.

  • Nothing this week for me, but just preordered Halo: MCC from Dick Smiths for $75 delivery. Hoping it arrives sooner rather than later so I can get that damn patch underway. :O

    • Sorry about quitting raid other day, was only on for a short stint didn’t realise what I was being invited to, how far into it was that?

      • No probs, I think that was pretty close to the beginning. Only picked up one chest if I remember correctly. Ended up getting up to the Atheon checkpoint, but missing one of the chests along the way.

        Hoping to try get back on tonight to finish it before the reset. You be playing CoD tonight?

        • I wont be playing anything for a while mate, all my consoles are packed up, moving into my parents tonight but the wife leaves for Melbourne in a week so will be spending time with her.

    • Hey Hack, I was picking up COD this morning and i saw in the Dick Smith window a Poster that said Halo MCC is $69.98 but you get it for 59.98 if you pre-order. Pretty sweet price, I’m gonna do that. You should too if you have a local Dick Smith

      • Aw really! Damn I should have gone in to the store maybe? It’s listed as $69 pre-order online.

        • Just a heads up Dick Smith do a deal where if you pre-order a game for $10 you get $10 off the price. So $70 becomes $60. So @technoir3d is correct.

          The problem I have with Dick Smith is they don’t fill their pre-orders. It’s happened to me more than once, I order the game a few weeks early. Then on release day they don’t have it and it’s not in transit to the store, but the staff are happy to ring around and find it for me. I just have to go and get it.

          It sucks because $60 for Day One Editions is a great deal. (Day One edition is apparantly a first printing of the game with some bonus stuff, it seems to be for XB1 Exclusives. Sunset Overdrive Yes, Destiny No). But something goes wrong and the store just never seems to get the stock. I can’t blame the staff because distribution isn’t their department.

  • Glad there’s nothing for me. Diablo 3, Sunset Overdrive and Costume Quest 2 should keep me going until DA:I in 17 days!!!

  • Well, at least I have another week of relaxing fun in “Disney Magical World” before all hell breaks loose…

  • I’m absolutely loving Sunset Overdrive so it’s worked out nicely that I don’t need to worry about new games coming out. It doesn’t hurt that I’m not a Dragon Age fan so I don’t need to worry about that one either. Not sure how I’m going to go balancing four Halo games and Pokemon at the same time though.

    • Would you say Sunset Overdrive would be worth buying the Xbox One for? (There are games down the line im interested in, but I’m wondering whether I should wait)

      • It’s a bit of a tough question. It’s a great game and it’d be a shame if you missed it, but I don’t think it really justifies the console on it’s own. If you’ve decided you’re going to get an XBOX One eventually and your November/December isn’t already dominated by other games then yeah, playing it now is probably worth whatever you’ll save by waiting for an XBOX One price drop.

        That said I’ll admit I’m a sucker for an open world third person mayhem driven games that don’t take themselves seriously, so Sunset Overdrive is practically made for me.

        • I am too, but thought SOD tooks itself too seriously by being so in your face every effin second about how it wasn’t taking itself seriously. It wore thin really fast.
          Definitely not a console seller for me, and it will probably hit PC at some point anyway. I’d hold off personally.

          • That’s a valid comment. The hyperactiveness of this sort of game is a very fine line to walk. I love Saints Row but I can understand why people would roll their eyes at pretty much every plot point, character, feature and mission in Saints Row IV.
            Honestly I felt Sunset Overdrive was a bit too much at the start. It prompted me to give it a shot as the female character and either it toned itself down from that point out, I become more in-sync with the humour or the voice actress did a slightly better job (or a combo of all three). Whatever the cause it stopped feeling like it tried to hard to be over the top.

  • Finally gotten around to trying out Walking Dead Season 1 and Sleeping Dogs should be delivered by the end of the week if I’m lucky. Good news there is nothing new. My wallet can’t take it anymore.

  • Myself and the missus are keen for bird story! We loved To The Moon, so we’ve been really looking forward to its spiritual successor 🙂

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