Tony Abbott Versus Vladimir Putin: Street Fighter II Edition

Tony Abbott at G20. Let's face facts: he's not been great. Trying to steer the discussion away from climate change, boring world leaders with domestic policy talk when he was supposed to be addressing international issues. Yep, once again poor old Tone was looking out of his depth on the international stage.

But his biggest failing? He totally didn't come good on his threat to 'shirtfront' Vladimir Putin. But I like to think that if he did, it would look a lot like this Street Fighter 2 parody video.

Because let's face facts: Tone would get his arse handed to him. I like to think I know a little bit about martial arts and I suspect that Tone, with his limited boxing skills, would probably struggle with an ex-KBG Judo Black Belt. Just sayin'.

The above video is great. Mainly because of the details, and the fact that Vladimir Putin's moveset is the same as Guile's. Yep this video is great.


    Actually, I would be rooting for Tony, simply because of the lesser of two evils here.

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      Agreed. Very amusing to see a lot of people who tend to lean towards the "left" of social causes become complete suck ups to Putin.

    Would one of Tonys moves be crying about how he can't make Australians pay 7 bucks to visit a doctor?

      No. It would be called "fair shake of the sauce bottle", where he grabs a glass sauce bottle, shakes it and then smashes it on Putin's facem

        I just want one of his moves to slyly wink at the opposition for a health boost.

    Tony, to his credit, did 'shirtfront' Putin during the APEC summit last Tuesday.

      "Tony, to his credit" - words that should never be uttered.

      You call THAT a shirtfront? A good thing you don't play footy...

        A rugby shirtfront is much less violent than an aussie rules shirtfront. Abbott was trying to evoke the imagery of the rugby one.

        You should write to Tony and let him know how you feel.

        Cause I couldn't care less.

          You care so little you've posted how many comments on this page?

            I couldn't care less about your purist definition of "Shirtfront", not how much I care about the conversation.

              You care so little you've posted how many comments on this thread?

              Also, how many times have you used "Shirtfront" in your entire life that you have a different definition?

    Wow, talk about a very arrogant article. In writing this, are you assuming that all Kotaku readers (and gamers) share the same political view as you?
    You could have easily done this article without giving your spill about how much you dislike like Tony Abbott. I think this is disrespectful to the readers.
    Write this stuff on an opinion blog - not on a games news website - please.

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      Yeah, because you're not allowed to have an opinion if you're writing on a gaming site.

      Besides, anyone who supports Tony Abbot is an asshole anyway, so screw 'em.

        Wow you don't come across as an arsehole or a bigot at all.....

          Hating Abbot supporters isn't bigotry, it's a civic duty.

            There's something mentally wrong with you if you actually believe what you just said.

              No, there's something mentally wrong with anyone who voted for friggin' Abbot in the last election. It's all their goddamn fault that we're stuck with this clown in the first place.

                You have no respect for democracy. Why do you even bother participating?

      Have to agree on this. What's next? Singing praises about China ramping up pollution for 15 years then putting a cap on it and then it goes to Nuclear (which would never be allowed by the left here) or use Fracking (which would never be allowed by the left here) the same as where the US gets it?

        Fracking is another method of ramping up pollution, not a substitute for it.

          But thats what China and the US are going to do....

          And everyone is cheering? And Tony Abbott is the bad guy?

      Nope, totally belongs here. I was also wondering why people could only say things that promote your own political misunderstanding?

        So why are you getting so aggrieved?

        And why is he getting down voted... Oh that's right! Hypocritical bigotry...

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      Only a fool would confuse Kotaku with a journalistic news site.

      Or any News Ltd publication for that matter.

      The responsibility of the reader is to identify the perspective proposed by the author, then to accept or dismiss this new information based on its value as you perceive it. This article is clearly written with an opinionated view of Abbot which does not cohere with your own view. That's fine, but if you didn't realise that the vast majority of posts on this site are based on opinion, and the rest are based on perspective, you're kinda coming across as ignorant.

      Hi! You must be new here.

      At Kotaku Australia, we’re carefully trying to build a reputation for creating the strongest, most engaging content surrounding games and gaming culture.

      I can understand that the impression of this vaguely unspecified 'content' referred to might be that it will always be news, or that it won't contain any editorial comment, but if you spend much time reading the articles here, you'll come to understand that this site is mostly an entertainment/blog site rather than hard news.

      And I'm sure you understand that journalism and journalistic integrity are not mutually exclusive with editorial comment. Particularly when that comment comes from... the editor.

      I'd recommend that if you're going to complain, don't complain about the presence of editorial comment... argue the points expressed, instead. If you think the PM's a laudable character, express that instead, maybe try and find some evidence to support your beliefs.

      Don't take the downvotes too hard. The AU community is, in part, self-curated through these indicators of what they do and don't appreciate. In general, it helps keep things mostly pleasant. And while it may feel like your comment is being too heavily criticized, it helps serve as an indicator of the community you're participating in.
      Community, specifically. Not soapbox. That means the community may hold particular leanings... in this case, anti-Abbot-leanings. Set expectations appropriately.

    haha That was done very well considering the such a short space of time since g20 =P

    Kokatu - You happy lefty view news network.

    Seriously. The bias here is quite amazing. I have no problems with having this video as an article.

    "Tony Abbott at G20. Let’s face facts: he’s not been great. Trying to steer the discussion away from climate change, boring world leaders with domestic policy talk when he was supposed to be addressing international issues. Yep, once again poor old Tone was looking out of his depth on the international stage."

    Its ok not to agree with whomever you like. But this site spouts it out like fact. Lets not forget Obama's deal with China doesn't actually do anything.

      yes, but Tony Abbot DID try to steer the discussion away from climate change, and he DID bore world leaders with domestic issues.

      There was no opinion on whether he agreed or disagreed with climate change policy, all he mentioned was what Tony Abbot did during the G20.

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        Who has said they were bored?

          Why would foreign leaders be interested in Australian domestic issues? And not just interested, but so interested they'd want to fly in from all over the world to hear about them? These are busy people so, yes, it's probably a fair assumption that they'd be bored hearing about Australian domestic issues when they came to discuss international issues.

            Yes why wouldn't each nation discuss it's own issues when trying to come up with a global solution....

              ah yes. we can use the $7 medicare co-payment to stop ISIL and reduce carbon emissions. It all makes sense now.

                Actually the majority of the copayment will be going to multinational pharmaceutical companies, so I can see why mentioning it at an international economic forum may be pertinent.

      That's why the left love it.... Sounds great achieves nothing.

      It's all about the fuzzies.

      There is an image doing the rounds on facebook about the G20 that is quite apt

      Obama talking about gay rights, womens rights, and tackling climate change, whilst Abbot complaining that Australians dont support his GP co-payment plan

        You do know Obama's population just made him even more redundant than before right?

      Butthurt guy supports racism and misogyny. Gets butthurt when people don't like racism, ignorance, undereducated youth and misogyny. Starts attacking and labelling everyone from the opposing side and using "left" like it's a bad word insinuating that policy, progress and character have less to do with their political leaning than feeding their own prejudice.

        Butthurt sounds a bit homophobic... Is there something wrong with that?

        Then you start throwing immediately out the racism and misogyny cards... When there was none mentioned.

        Bigotry cuts both ways.

        Rubbish. He said nothing of the sort.

        It's weak attempts at smearing economically conservative Governments that make someone appear uninformed. It's much easier to be the popular kid at the party when you're the one handing everybody cake.

        Honestly, if you think the Liberal Government has set "under-educated youth" as some kind of term goal, then I think your opinions are best left on these forums.

      Would you be crying the same foul if the article was right wing bias? or do you only chuck a hissy fit when things are left wing (thats what the truth is apparently called these days)

      Well this is Fairfax after all...

      Come on Mark, this is beneath you. Let's keep this shit impartial.

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      Come on. You're on a world stage to talk with world leaders about issues affecting the entire world. This is *not* the time to air and whinge about your problems at home. Imagine in the CEO of a company got up a shareholders meeting starting whinging about problems with his personal life or with the people he's working with. No one wants to hear it.

      Compare and contrast Obama's speech with Abbott's. One talks about *real* issues and problems that *everyone* is facing, and the other is a bunch of whining about domestic issues that none of the other leaders care about, nor that affect them in any way, shape or form. Not to mention that Obama has been dealing with a far more obstructionist situation and the absolutely bonkers Tea Party for far longer than Abbott.

      This was a mediocre performance, plain and simple, and calling a spade a spade is not bias. It's telling it like it is, which to be honest is something we actually need more of.

      I mean, Abbott talked big in the lead up regarding his stance towards Putin, but ultimately said nothing even remotely on par with Obama in terms of delivering a rebuke in reference to MH17.

    *side steps political discussion* who else was hoping Putin was going to turn into a bear as the fatality/animality finisher?

    You know,

    I am a conservative. Looking at the news coverage coming from the conference, it overwhemingly spouted the wrong facts.

    "But his biggest failing? He totally didn’t come good on his threat to ‘shirtfront’ Vladimir Putin"
    - Yes he did. In private. Not for the cameras. As did many other leaders at the conference in meeting with Putin.

    "boring world leaders with domestic policy talk when he was supposed to be addressing international issues"
    - That was a speech made at a meeting with other leaders before the conference started and was in reference to the difficulties of implementing domestic policy. A bunch of other leaders talked about similar issues.

    Look, I have my leanings and they are obvious, but the media has blown some crazy angles to frame Abbott in a bad light. And it shows. Combine with the absolute non-story of 'Australia was bushland', it shows that people look to take offense in whatever they can. Nor was it mentioned anywhere that straight after that speech there was a ceremony paying respect to the original owners of the land.

    Im sorry for the tangent. I would feel the same if Julia Gillard/Rudd was in this position. Along with this video. To me it shows disrespect to the office of PM, regardless of which side sits in the chair. We have free speech, so any stupid humor is to be encouraged. Free society and all. I feel as though there is a particular diatribe against Abbott, and it's completely non-sensical.

      Nah, no free speech in the Australian constitution. We have freedom of opinion though..

      'absolute non-story of "Australia was bushland"'

      Here's some free speech - you're an ignorant bigot for stating that.

      And the fact you think that a ceremony 'paying respect' to Traditional Owners somehow makes up for openly stating that they simply didn't exist minutes before, as opposed to being cruelly ironic, is mind boggling.

      'So yeah, you savages didn't do jack before we got here and civilised you and stole all your stuff. Oh, here's a small staged performance rubbing in the fact that we only trot you out on special occasions to impress foreigners while waxing fat off your land that we stole. L O L.'

      Cognitive dissonance - just a collection of syllables for conservatives,

      You're welcome!

        Thanks for calling me a bigot.

        I tried to get my point across, without offence. I'll admit, I don't put words together as well as others but I try. Your take on the English language is remarkable. Hats off to you sir. I admire your use of said free speech and take it onboard.

        My point was that it was a non-issue for the fact that people were offended over not mentioning something, in this case Aboriginies. The definition of a bigot is: a person who is intolerant towards those holding different opinions. Techincally, you are the one holding intolerance towards my views.

        But I digress.

        It must make people feel important to take offence over nothing.


          Ah, I like using caps, makes me feel like a Daily Telegraph headline writer.

          Aboriginal people lived here for tens of thousands of years. It was their home. We then murdered, raped and stole our way to ownership of it.

          The belief that Australia 'started' when good old white people arrived to *civilise* the place is indeed a hallmark of bigotry.

          I'll assume your commenting on my language skills is genuine and not passive aggressive moaning, so I will happily accept that tipped fedora.

            Yawn..... So instead of whinging Burnside what are you proposing? Handing back a country? More lip service..... Let me guess? "Throw money at it" that always works! then blame Tony Abbott (who's probably done more than you ever will regarding the indigenous).

            Last edited 17/11/14 4:37 pm

            Consider my fedora couter-tipped, put on backwards and painted a non-threatening acceptable colour.

            Nothing was erased my good friend. Aboriginal people sure did live here for a very long time before white settlement. I'll agree that things haven't been smooth sailing since then but genuinly beleive most people in this country believe in a fair go for Aboriginal people. Funnily enough, I like to think Aboriginal people are exactly the same as us Anglo/Chinese/Italian/German/etc people. You know, human beings....and Australian.

            Alright...there we go.

            Wait a minute. When did Abbott 'erase' Aboriginal history? It wasn't during this speech, must've been all those times he spent visiting and spending times in remote aboriginal communities (even before becoming PM). Oh well, must've happened then. Also, he never said anything at all about "SAYING THEY DIDN'T IS INTOLERANT". Never once did Abbott (or heck, any politician of any persasion I can think of) ever say 'Aboriginal people never existed'. He was highlighting to the British PM how settlers must've felt really out of place. There was no man-made structure to see (as we know Aboriginals didn't live like that). Just bare nature. And nature that was vastly different to anything they had ever seen. SHOCK HORROR HE IS NOW INTOLERANT AND SO AM I DAMN IM A BIGOT.

            Also, the nation known as 'Australia' did start after settlement by those 'white-folks' you reference. It was never a 'nation' before that. That's not being a bigot or ignorant, just a fact. The land mass existed bore Aborignal people came here too! Fancy that! Geography FTW.

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              When you turn 16 you will look back on this with shame. Have a cookie.

        Abbott was specifically talking about physical infrastructure in reference to there now being a city but before there was bush. There was no reference to culture, society or civilisation. Unless there were giant aboriginal cities that nobody seems to know about, I really don't see how anyone can be offended.
        Not to mention Abbott has been the only one interested in getting the constitution to acknowledge Aboriginals before European settlement.

          I am unsure how you could press 'submit' with a straight face.

          Let's assume for a second that you are correct.

          What is the MEANING of that statement? WHY would you say it? What point was he trying to convey?

          Please show your working, as watching the mental contortionism of conservatives is a horrified entertainment of mine.

            Huh? You can't be serious. It was part of a speech talking about establishing a global infrastructure hub and wanting to set it up in Australia.

              aaaaaaaand why the hell would you need to say


              What is the point of saying that, of all things?

              Hint - there is only one reason you would.

                He's conveying the benefits of investing in infrastructure in a relative way to their current proximity. This is clear. This is obvious.

                The fact that you are trying so hard to turn this into something to be offended by is a comment on you. Mental contortionism indeed.


                  Awesome way to make a point, I'm sure foreign investors would be won over by such searing rhetoric.

    Yeah, Boo Tony Abbot. Putin could like totally beat him up. How could he think he should try to confront a belligerent expansionist who is culpable in the deaths of the MH17 passengers killed by rebels that Putin supports. What an idiot. This video is totally great. Not tasteless, disrespectful, partisan tripe at all.

    Children discussing politics on a gaming forum.
    Political education and opinions stemming from ABC news headlines following Peppa Pig episodes.

    Its actually quite sad that so many of you really don't know whats going on.

      You called me a child. That's it. You're now a bigot :P

        Misogynistic Bigot thank you very much.

        I cant wait for Labors word for 2015.

      "Its actually quite sad that so many of you really don't know whats going on."

      Are you talking about Mark Serrels?

    "Tony Abbott at G20. Let’s face facts: he’s not been great. Trying to steer the discussion away from climate change, boring world leaders with domestic policy talk when he was supposed to be addressing international issues. Yep, once again poor old Tone was looking out of his depth on the international stage."

    Did Mark Serrels actually *watch* or *read* any of the reports out of G20, or did he get his news from Gawker, Twitter and Buzzfeed?

    There's actively dividing your audience by polarising those from a certain side of politics, and then there's actually being a try-hard know-it-all in the process.

    Seriously, Mark, keep politics off this blog. It ruins the fun.

    I am so disappointed in this community. @markserrels is allowed to have his opinion, just as everyone else is.
    It's a fact that Tony Abbot boasted about the repeal of the carbon tax and then complained about the GP Tax. Here, have a reference.
    It's also a fact that not only did Tony Abbot try to stop global warming from being on the agenda, despite what the rest of the political leaders wanted, but his entire party tried to stop it.
    This is not Marks opinion. These are facts. Everything after that is opinion, because he's commenting on something in a hypothetical matter.
    Why do we have to devolve into name calling like children? If someone likes Abbot, they have that right. You don't have to agree, but at least be civil.

    If you're wondering what side I'm on? Neither, they're both as terrible as one another. -_-

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