Top 5 One-Handed Gaming Snacks (That Are Actually Healthy)

Chef Lu Bu is the kitchen manager for US gaming bar Battle and Brew. He is therefore something of an expert when it comes eating while gaming. Here are five suggestions from Lu Bu that can be eaten with one hand, don’t require much hand-eye coordination, and are residue-free to keep your controller nice ‘n’ shiny.

As any gamer knows, sating your appetite during a marathon gaming session can be a pretty difficult undertaking. The wrong type of snack will result in a gunk-smeared controller and crumbs all over the shop. And as much as we abhor the Cheetos stereotype, there’s a fairly good chance that your preferred gamer grub is either sugary, salty or both.

Chef Lu Bu has released a new game food guide offering some great snacking alternatives that will keep your controller and arteries in tip-top condition. (A word of warning, some of the suggestions involve fruit.)

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“What I’ve compiled is a list of great food to eat while playing videogames,” Lu Bu explains. “No-mess food that you can handle with one hand that won’t cause you to stop looking at the minimap and get ganked in the meantime. This is by no means a complete nor comprehensive list, but I think it’s a good list.”

Here are his top five suggestions:

  • Grapes
  • Nuts
  • Hummus
  • Carrots/Celery (great for dipping in hummus!)
  • Tuna/Tuna sandwich

The above are Lu Bu’s personal favourites, but the guide contains stacks of recommendations to suit all tastes. You can check out the entire guide below:

Lu Bu’s Guide to Healthy Snacking While Gaming [Battle and Brew]

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