Ubisoft’s Big New Games Have Disappeared From Steam

Ubisoft’s Big New Games Have Disappeared From Steam

Last night, when I went to bed, the last thing I saw as I turned off my PC was a huge banner ad on Steam advertising Assassin’s Creed: Unity. By the time I woke up this morning, the game was gone. You couldn’t buy it on Steam if you wanted to.

Far Cry 4 isn’t there either. Nor is The Crew. Yesterday, all three Ubisoft games were up for sale, and just like that, today they’re not. Three of the biggest games left to come out in 2015, and on the PC’s biggest digital shopfront there is now a black hole where once there were pre-order deals and wishlist entries.

What gives? Officially, not much. A Ubisoft rep in the UK offered this statement to PCGamesN:

We’ve been in discussions with Valve about Assassin’s Creed Unity but for the time being the game is not available via Steam in the UK.

Unity, along with the other two games, isn’t available in the US either. Or Australia. We’ve asked Ubisoft’s US team for comment, along with Valve, and will update if we hear back (so we’re yet to know if they will ever be back, or what exactly happens if you’ve already preordered).

Remember that Ubisoft has its own digital shopfront on PC, and its own uPlay service for, well, whatever uPlay is doing.


        • This seemed like an obvious point but to be honest unless uPlay is dramatically improved (its stil REALLY slow in Aus – Even though we’re forced to use it) it will only hinder sales for Ubisoft immensely by taking it from steam – uPlay alone isnt capable.

          • You know how publishers act in this industry. They won’t even be aware of how slow it’s in Australia.

            I even talked to someone at PAX 2013 about how Ubisoft works and despite the fact that the host is located in US, they think their system of selecting US hosts for AUS players functions.

    • And if you buy the game on Steam, then try and launch it through uPlay, it opens Steam, as well for no reason! It’s so spectacularly badly thought out!

      • Yeah, I had friends saying, ‘I got it on steam’ and had the whole discussion. Maybe their keys now just go through uplay?

        Anyway I don’t see the point. I also don’t see why people care about uplay. That, like Origin I simply don’t have open unless I play a game. It’s much better to have these,

        • lol I know. I like most of Ubisoft stuff. It’s usually very artsy and very creative. At times there are screw up, but that’s natural. Shits me at times with bugs though. That’s usually due to rushing things.

  • This is why I play many of the big games from Ubisoft and EA on console – if at all. I really hate the roadblocks they put up for PC users.

  • Removing the game form steam is kinda bad for there sales i would say, Also opening up UPlay from the steam interface is bad. I have a feeling the game will be pirated more from the choices they have chosen.

  • I have used uPlay for both Far Cry 3 and Blood Dragon and it’s fine for me, not sure what the fuss is about.

    Haven’t tried downloading a game from it though.

  • After having my Uplay account stolen by a russian, and several calls to UK based tech support later being unable to return my account to me…
    F word Ubisoft and UPlay, Steam buying is the only way i’d remotely consider playing any of their games.

  • Silly that u think its diffrent about hijacked accounts on steam, i lost one years back that i had put many money into steam could not help me get it back. BTW on steam u accept that u dont buy the game but burrow it and when steam gonne crash down for some of the illegal things thy have going on rigth now u will for sure lose all moey put into it.. gl hf

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