Valkyria Chronicles Marches Onto Steam

Valkyria Chronicles Marches Onto Steam

With its inspired W.W.2 fantasy setting, frenetic combat system and memorable characters, Valkyria Chronicles was arguably the best SRPG of the PS3 era. (Those unfamiliar with the game can read our own love letter explaining its virtues.) You can now get the game on Steam including all previously released DLC for just $19.99. Hurrah!

If you’ve never played a tactical role-playing game before, Valkyria Chronicles is a pretty decent place to start. Unlike many games in the genre, it dispenses with grid-based movement and allows player to get into the thick of the action via third-person action sequences. Despite this, it remains deeply rooted in strategy thanks to its turn-based BLiTZ battle system.

The game is available now and will unlock in approximately two days’ time. Pre-Purchasing will also knock 10 per cent off, bringing the total to $17.99. This works out to around 30 cents per hour of gameplay — and that’s if you discount the high replayability value.

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      • My PSP got stolen a week before it came out………..I like to think it was just a fellow VC fan desperately wanting VC2 instead of a junkie trying to raise drug money.

    • VC2’s not worth getting excited about though.

      Now if they were bringing VC3 over with a localization that would be a different story.

      • Ah but the addition of Co-op is fantastic. My friend and I wasted so many hours planning our attacks.

        • Oh yeah, the Multiplayer aspect is great if you have a friend to play it with. Suspect they’d have to drop it to do a PC port though. It’s just the single-player story in VC2 that’s kind of bad. Still not sure what they were thinking with that. It was obviously intended as a quick cash-in on the original game but transporting everything into a school setting and basically going full Anime was definitely the wrong direction.

          • The actual gameplay is so good, even though it’s a bit compromised due to the small size of the areas compared to the original game.

            VC3 fixed most of the problems too, and has a good plot. Still mad we didn’t get it. At least there’s the fan translation I guess.

  • I’m looking forward to playing this again (probably more so over anything else that’s come out recently, or that’s coming out soon). It was probably my most favourite game on the PS3. Sure, the way the story was delivered could feel a little awkward at times, but there was a real charm and lasting appeal about it (not to mention how awesome and intuitive the turn based gameplay felt). I hope they follow suit with the rest of the series, as I never got to play them 🙁

    • VC2 was incredible. I’ve spent almost as many hours on that game as I did on Disgaea Afternoon of Darkness. Nearly cost me my degree that game…

      • I’m glad it didn’t cost you your degree, but it certainly must be good if took up that much of your time! Lets hope they port the rest of the series over *fingers crossed*

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