Warhammer Gets Its Space Hulk On In Mordheim: City of the Damned

When Games Workshop translates its products into computer game things, the results are always mixed. You can get awesome adaptations in the form of Dawn of War and the more recent Warhammer Quest, or the less enticing modern telling of Space Hulk (though you could argue that a straight-up conversion of the board game was always going to be lacklustre). Mordheim: City of the Damned, the latest in-production title from the famous miniatures brand is a bit different — it's still Warhammer, but with turn-based tactics akin to XCOM or, well, Space Hulk.

Unfortunately, the website is somewhat barren and the clip above goes with style rather than substance, leaving one to wonder what the game is actually about. To the rescue is Rock, Paper, Shotgun's Adam Smith, who had a chance to check it out in detail in August.

According to Smith, players will have to choose one of four factions to make up their "warband", after which teams fight it out in turn-based combat using action points.

Between the killing, you can recruit new combatants, as well as increase their skills and equip them with better gear. In true Games Workshop style, a knocked-out unit has a chance of taking a more serious wound after mission completion, determined randomly. To keep things interesting, there are procedurally-generated levels, which you'll either love for the variety, or hate for the lack of creativity.

If you'd like to know more, head over to RPS and check out Smith's article. There's no release date from what I can tell and no word on platforms other than the PC.



    Awesome! Mordheim is my favourite setting in the warhammer universe and I hated it when they stopped supporting it. I hope they stick to the tabletop ruleset.

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      Agreed! This is hopefully a good sign. Next up I hope they make Necromunda!!!

        shit yeah, that would be so awesome i think my head would explode

        gorkamorka would be great too

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          It's funny my favourite Games Workshop games aren't 40k or Warhammer but the smaller squad based games like you, @shamrocks and @outbreak mention.

          Of the games mentioned I must admit I would have loved Necromunda more as there is a lot more Nostalgia there for me. I also rank Gorkamorka second, I love the concept of Orcs tooling around in trucks like a greenskined version of Mad Max, Mordheim (the only one I own) ranks 3rd but I still love them all.

      This and Necromunda are my FAV, actually space hulk is a bad comparison IMO.

      I hope we see a console release too.

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    Wait... this looked almost cinematic, like a 3rd-person brawler. But the description says turn-based combat with action points and a recruitable set of characters who earn experience and equip with various gear...

    That... that sounds almost lieeeeeeee0ej290
    *dusts self off*

    How long was I out? My brain put 'Mordheim XCOM' together and I kinda got lighthead-aohhhhhhe[[W'I

    I do want to point out that Mordheim had a lot more depth and variety than the Space Hulk game, it was actually the origin for the Warhammer Skirmish rules iirc.

    Been out of the hobby for a while so I'll assume that the skirmish rules are still included in the base game :-P

    I actually had a dwarf warband that I used to play with regularly at the GW in town... Good times.

    Of course due to its complexity I have my doubts on a digital version...

      I'm not so sure they are any more - fantasy's shifted quite a bit towards larger units and bigger models/base sizes in the last few editions from what I can gather (although tbh i tend to play more 40k)

      Fantasy uses a totally different ruleset now, the Mordheim rules were similar to 7th ed but 8th changed things up to be more like 40k (and worse imo). Their is a skirmish supplement but I don't know how "official" it is as I've only seen it in PDF form that was distributed for games workshop tournaments. I've only played on and off since 8th edition though but it seems now they are releasing a lot of campaign and one off list supplements. At the moment I think it's Nagash campaign going on. I miss the previous edition and 8th pretty much killed the scene were I live.

        I didn't want to start naming editions because dear god my memory has gotten rusty, if I'm correct Mordheim came out during 5th edition and the basics of it's skirmish rules (Minus any of the character advancement, warbands and lore stuff) was adapted into a skirmish subset in the 6th edition - Or whatever the subsequent edition was.

        I've never seen the skirmish rules much except for creating one off event style games. My local store occasionally did them, where there'd be some scenario and each participant may just be controlling one or two characters.

        Theoretically you could have used the rules as a basis to create your own mordheim styled campaign, but nobody in my gaming groups was that eager. Plus you could still get a hold of Mordheim itself easily enough and White Dwarf had published a whole load of new warbands since it's release =P

          Theres an updated version of mordheim around the net, I forget it's name at the moment but the last campaigns I've played have used that. It tones down some of the broken weapons and fixes some things up a lot.

    awwww Space Hulk wasn't that bad. There's the Ascension Edition coming out soon which looks interesting too.

      it was alright multiplayer, but the comp AI with the genestealers was sooo rubbish....that being said i'm a 40k tragic so i loved it anyway

      Space Hulk was great! As a truly faithful digitized version of the original boardgame.

      I am very disappointed that they copped flak for people who were expecting something different... like a 1st/3rd-person shooter/brawler/tactical game merely set in the Space Hulk universe. Those people... yeah. They did not get what they wanted.

      But it did what it said it would, what it set out to do, and it did it well. It deserved to be reviewed much better for that.

    Sucks they can't do something Inquistor based, that game was sooo much fun. but your not wrong, Mordheim and the other small scale games were so much better

      Im reading the Eisenhorn books at the moment and loving them.

    The best way to market any new game to me: "It's like [IP name] and XCOM had a baby."

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