Watch 8 Minutes Of Glorious Halo 5 Multiplayer Footage

When it comes to changes to the Halo multiplayer formula, I'm usually a bit of a Debbie Downer. But I have a sneaky feeling that 343 Industries may have nailed it this time. I can't really explain why, but I'm really liking the look of Halo 5 so far.

Which is strange because I really feel as though 343 Industries borked Halo 4 multiplayer in a very big way.

This time round however, 343 has really gotten the pro gaming community involved in a very big way, right from the start. Ex-Halo pros like Ghost Ayame and Strongside are actually part of the 343 team now and everything I hear out of that camp suggests that competitive play has been a big focus this time round. For me and my own personal tastes? This is exactly what I want to be hearing.

Can't wait for that beta.


    Is the beta worth the 23Gb download on my shitty connection though?

    This is really bad. I am a halo fan, in fact, I'm borderline obsessed. This week I have gone back and played all 4 halos and I relised something. The first 3 are way way way better than the 4th. The reason is becuase they have sped up the game play, added a run button, quicker weapon switch and a booster jump in the 4th title. Halo is supposed to be a slower game. You shouldn't be able to run into a room and take out 4 friends with ease. It's not bloody call of duty and this is where 343 have really stuffed it. Halos uniqueness was it's weapons and they way cheif moved (among other things). It's a shame but I guess 343 wanted to put their own spin on what was close to perfection, for me....

      It's shit. The ADS doesn't even bother me that much (except the ADS on the assault rifle, that's extremely stupid), it's all the sprint and clambering and all that stupid stuff.

      It really astounds me that they've managed to add all the exact things that the fans don't want.

      Also the fact that they're trying to turn it into a goddamned eSport. Stop that.

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        I guess people these days don't want a slower, more skillful game. Give it to me now and give it to me quick! If it's not quick, I can't be bothered playing. COD (even though I'm sure it has its really fun moments) has really destroyed games for me. I have an intense hatred for what that game has done to gaming.... or maybe the idiots who want to copy it becuase they know it sells

      and the real sad thing is that Halo has those options for Quake style gameplay. Turn the speed and weapon damage up to 200% and create a new playlist for it. People who want "who-sees-who-first" style gameplay with shorter then you can last in bed killtimes will have a playlist for that and everybody can be happy. know, that comment comes off more aggressive then I originally thought. Why does this always happens when I talk about Halo? >:

        Haha I like you passion for halo. It's all good :)

    Ill probably get flamed for this but here goes;

    Halo 4 multiplayer, is my favourite in the series.. Ive been playing the Halo games since i bought my launch Xbox console in the early 00's (massive entertainment pack with 2 controllers, Halo, Jet set radio future, and Sega GT2002). Ive also been lan-ning the games since, getting friends to lug around their massive 4:3 CRT TV's weighing 25 kilos, and consoles.

    halo games needed the pickup in pace. Ive always enjoyed the MP, but in many ways it has always had some severe mobility issues. This was not an issue back in the day. we didnt know any better. But with the focus on freedom of movement in recent years, it has added an all new element to fps combat that has increased the pacing of mp battles, resulting in more intense battles.

    clearing a room full of the enemy team is an extremely satisfying feeling. After all, its not a stealth game.

    Personally I'd like to see more devs tackle movement in interesting ways. I would very well like to see a wall run mechanic in Halo 5, executed as fluidly as it was in Titanfall. It resulted in some interesting styles of gameplay, which wouldnt work with halo without a complete rethink on the map designs...

      I'm with ya man, playing the MCC a heap lately and even just the movement speed increase from Halo 1 > 2 was nice! I don't like what they did to H4 multiplayer but watching Halo 5 it looks like we get the speed and skill of a Spartan but with trade-offs (like shields not recharging while sprinting). I'm just happy they're listening to criticism after Halo 4!

        loved the Jet boost in H4 but hated the whole ordinance package drops thing... Hows the MCC going for you? im seriously struggling to get into ANY game... i managed one game of Halo 1 on a non-remastered map...

          Pretty bad for MP, awesome for SP. Played one match against non-Australians with a mediocre ping... They've announced that their system is all but broken and there's a patch coming on American Wednesday to fix it. They even delayed their "Halo Championship" thingy for Halo 2 due to how stuffed it is! Mostly playing through campaigns, coop with my wife and her brother, both of whom have never played the story through! It's hilarious, brother in-law loves Destiny and I had to go "right, let me show you a time when Bungie could write a cohesive plot, not just lore".

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      While I wouldn't say Halo 4 had the best multiplayer (that would be Halo 3 for me), I agree that Halo 4 multiplayer was good - great even. I spent many hours in it and loved the increased movement speed. Map design was quite good as well, especially the larger maps. The ordinance drops were arguably the biggest change to gameplay, removing the power weapon spawn point combat focus of the previous titles. I didn't mind this, it was just different, but I do understand how hardcore players felt this dumbed things down as map control was less important in Halo 4.

      But you know what? I'm a casual player, I'll never be pro. And Halo 4 was FUN for me as a casual player. I really think Halo 4 got an unwarranted bad wrap from the Halo community and was not at all a bad game.

        as per my reply to @chivo, that was my only let down with H4... the Ordinance package drops...

        TBH, Halo 4 was probably one of my favourite instalments, and i think many people would agree if they disregard the nostalgia factor... so much fun!

          Same for me, it really was just the load outs and supply drops that just felt too... COD. Because the guy with a kill streak really needs a rocket launcher...

      I can't really talk about the campaign or Spartan Ops without going into a 14 page rant, but as for multiplayer I have no idea what it was like. I refuse to play games without a local only search option or local servers (that I can force access). The last thing to happen to me in Halo 4s multiplayer was I stepped on a man cannon, flew through the air, rubber banded back, rubber banded back, rubber banded back, hit the ground and committed suicide because the game thought I fell for that long.

      Also I find it funny some people are saying Halo needed to pick up the pace but complained about when Reach did it.

      As for clearing a room full of enemies, that's why you play CoD (or grab a power weapon).

        never once complained about reach. thoroughly enjoyed it. tbh ive never experienced rubber banding in halo 4 mp even once...

        Perhaps some of the problems you experienced in Halo 4 MP were connection problems related to your setup at home? My understanding is that the matchmaking automatically prioritises finding matches/lobbies with a good connection to your console (re: players from the same region). I believe that was the reasoning for 343 not including the manual option.

          They said that but I only ever saw one other Australian and I've met plenty more who share my feelings.

          It's nothing wrong with my setup as I can still easily play Australians in Halo: Reach.

      I don't have a problem with your opinion, but there are other games that have the elements of gameplay that you're speaking of. People enjoy Halo because it's a breath of fresh air compared to your run of the mill FPS today and it's different to them in a lot of ways. It's completely unique. 343 is removing that uniqueness with sprint, clamber, thrusters, ADS, all that nonsense. If you want a game that has all that, Advanced Warfare is pretty fun, and I bet there will be a lot more games copying that formula like Halo 5 seems to be. I don't know why Halo has to be just another FPS instead of staying true to what made it good.

        Back in the day Halo was the game that set trends, now its following them.

        First Titanfall, then Advanced Warfare, now Halo 5.

        thats just the thing... it set a new trend with halo 1. The formula is over a decade old. The series needs to keep with the times. if the same formula was to be constantly rehashed, how does that make it any different to COD? look at every genre out there, and compare it to ten years ago. every single one has increased in speed, complexity, etc.

        if we stuck to the formulas of the 80s and 90s we wouldnt even have halo... we cant expect things not to change because we are happy with what weve got. then we'll never know what couldve been...

          So the solution is make it much more similar to something that's already been done to death? Innovation is great, but it's not really innovation when you're just copying what is already popular, or even becoming popular.

      Just go play cod then. Halo was never meant to be played like this. I understand that you like it and that's totally fine. But they should leave halo alone. Everything has to play the same these days and it annoys me.

        i dont like cod... but i understand your argument. the thing is people dislike COD for rehashing the same formula over and over again... Wouldnt that be true of halo had they not taken some steps to evolve the formula? i never said it needs to be more cod like. all ive said is it needs to change, it needs to try to bring something unique to the table...

          Fair point. I just wish they didn't change the movement. And i really don't like all the "frag out" speaking. That's a war game thing..... really really lame. I loved the silent grenade and then accidental team kills because of it. This kinda makes it all a little too serious. Once again, like a war game.

          The funny thing is i will still buy it, i cant not. Stupid jerks ;)

            couldnt agree more about the war speak.... one of 343's mistake, including:

            custom loadouts
            ordinance package drops

    I'm sorry, but I'm still going to be Debbie Downer. I believe 343 has no real idea what made Halo great and are just going by what other people are telling them to do ie. Design by Committee.

    This is especially true for them hiring pros and doing what they say. Now normally I don't have a problem with play testing with pros that are part of your focus testing. The problem with Halo pros though is that they're experts in their own personal meta that they've created exclusively for themselves, not the overall game. Now, I have no problem if that's the way they want to play Halo, but creating a game that is exclusive to the 0.00001% of Halo gamers?

    What about the Invasion fans? All they got in Halo 4 was whatever that Dominion thing was (what the hell happened during those gametypes?).

    I've been with Halo from the beginning... and I'm really looking forward to this.

    Playing through them recently (MCC), I am constantly surprised by how slow it is. Watching the videos that have come out, and reading damn near every write up, and listening to a number of podcasts discussing it, they haven't changed the fundamentals that made Halo great to me.
    Equal starts, power weapons on maps, no loadouts, no equipment, no perks.
    Yes movement is faster, but TTK is the same.
    Yes there's a form of ADS, but there's still descope & it's no different than zoom on DMRs, or pistols, or sniper rifles.
    Yes they're announcing time till power weapon spawns, but that'll drive combat to those locations, & it'll turn them into grenade magnets.

    Having the beta a year from release gives them time to fix things, & gives us plenty of time to bitch about it.

      Having the beta a year from release gives them time to fix things, & gives us plenty of time to bitch about it.

      THIS. im hoping they listen to the community and not just pro players. focusing everything on pro gaming will be a huge downturn. this can be solved by providing separate playlists for the hardcore players. with more tightly tuned mechanics.

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