Watch The Finals Of The Netrunner World Champs

Watch The Finals Of The Netrunner World Champs

Fantasy Flight's World Championship Weekend is still going on, closing with the finals of the Netrunner tournament. You can catch it right here.


    Looks like this post went up a little late. The finals wrapped up this morning and you can watch them here.

    If you're willing to wait, Team Covenant will be uploading them to Youtube in a much easier to digest format.

    Great game. Need to find some people to play with.

      Game is amazing. The mechanics are probably my favourite of any LCG. Fantasy Flight's best product IMO.

      And yeah, shame none of my friends want to play this with me T_T

      I own a copy and have never played it :( my friends and girlfriend that I board game with are only interested in gateway games .

      The bane of many a Netrunner owner!

      Have you tried it on Vassal?

      I own nearly all the cards but I've only played two games. It's a bit tragic. Hadn't heard of Vassal it looks like that's the original 1996 version. I think OCTGN is the popular online platform atm.

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