Watch The First Trailer For Star Wars: The Force Awakens Right Here

Watch The First Trailer For Star Wars: The Force Awakens Right Here

Finally! The wait is over. Here it is. The real deal. This is the trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

As promised, the footage clocks in at around 88 seconds, giving a very brief look at what to expect when Star Wars: The Force Awakens is scheduled to release in cinemas in December 2015.

Have a few GIFs:

Watch The First Trailer For Star Wars: The Force Awakens Right Here
Watch The First Trailer For Star Wars: The Force Awakens Right Here
Watch The First Trailer For Star Wars: The Force Awakens Right Here
Watch The First Trailer For Star Wars: The Force Awakens Right Here

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Official Teaser [YouTube]


    OK, that was different from the International Trailer that I saw earlier.

    Still a tad underwhelmed but I am monstrously jaded after the last trilogy & the Clone Wars cartoon.

      Really? After season 1 of the Clone Wars I thought it got quite decent myself. Anyhow, differing opinions and all that.

      Which trailer did you see? If it started off with an image of young luke, it was a fan made trailer. (Still don't get why people make those...)

        Because people like to make stuff. Video editing is a fun thing to do on a lazy saturday. If you haven't got anything specific to make, might as well make something you enjoy.

        I used to take scenes from DBZ and re-dub them with other scenes from DBZ to make a different story. I never released them (this was long before YouTube was a thing), but it helped me learn Adobe Premiere (skills I have no use for).

          Eh fair point, just don't get why they waste their time making fake Episode 7 etc trailers when with their skills they could obviously make some awesome fan made stuff.

        I agree with @tiberath, it can be a nice way to show off a craft.

        What I don't get (Read: hate) is people passing those off as real trailers, that is nothing but annoying.

          Yeah that's what I'm getting at, the trickery is just assholishness.

    Well that first gif is destined for meme-hood.

    Dat lightsaber tho

    I liked the close ups of the Stormtroopers. They actually looked menacing for a change. Nice. Dunno about that lightsabre though. Loved seeing the Falcon and TIE fighters. Plus X-Wings. Feeling cautiously optimistic

      Sabre is allegedly meant to be some sort of 'broadsword' style sabre, with what's apparently two 'vents' on the side for it.

      Last edited 29/11/14 9:39 am

        Everyone on the net is saying broadsword but it reminds me a lot more of a longsword (specifically a zweihander)

          *shrug* Looks like a really long lightsaber either way. But I think those two parts probably are vents. Looks pretty awesome though.

      I hope the Storm Troopers get some level of tactical training, rather than just running around, firing from the hip and generally acting like cannon fodder. Example: Look at Trek, specifically TNG/DS9/VOY and the way they act in tactical situations and compare it with ENT and the way their tactical crew take cover, aim down the sight, provide covering fire, and generally act the part. I'm hoping the Storm Troopers are more like that.

      Not they bugged me all that much before, but it's the little details that show JJ and crew know what they're doing. And JJ's definitely about the details!

    The Youtube comments ar going crazy about the CGI, people just can't be satisfied.

      Indeed, it's not like the movies 12 months out from release or anything...

      the sand dunes at the beginning looked terrible. I thought it was a fake for a sec.

        That's actually pretty funny given they're not an effect and actually real lol.

    You either like or don't like. Me? I got goosebumps. Tell me you didn't.

      The x wing pilots and the image of them screaming over water ...

        I know, right?

          Every damn moment. The Falcon, onscreen the first time in 31 years... made me giddy :) Spotting the new rectangular radar had me go 'OOOOH!'

      Yeha the sound of the Tie Fighters screaming past at the end does it for me :)

      I love that sound

    A full year away from release and we're seeing trailers? (I don't actually know if this is common practice, I rarely hunt trailers.)

    The hype train, man. That's going to be a crushing disappointment for so many people. All because of the hype train.

      I think it is normal. A new Star Wars isn't normal though so a trailer release is big news hence why everyone knows about this one.

      Back when TPM was in pre-release hype, people would go to the movies just to see the trailer (and came out raving about it).

      Of course everything turned out splendidly when it was actually released.

      The Litany against Hype:

      I must not hype

      Hype is the product-killer

      Hype is the hubris that brings total disappointment

      I shall face the hype

      I will permit it to pass over and through the internets

      And when it has gone past the inner cynic shall point and laugh

      When the hype is gone, only the reviews will remain

        This is brilliant.

    Disclaimer: Not a SWs fan...

    I felt this was a bit 'meh' (aside from the X-Wings low over the water-- That was sweet!), but to be fair, most teasers don't really do it for me. It's the first couple of 'proper' trailers that usually wows me, or not. That said, I know I'm going to enjoy the shit out of this film, especially if JJ weaves his magic like he did for Trek!

      I won't be watching any more trailers, want to go in fresh, and I know I'm going to see it anyway, so why see more of it before I go. Going to try and stay off the hype train in general.

        Good luck staying away from the hype train! I hear Saturn's great this time of year. :p I reckon I'll probably do the same though. I want to go see this because I want to go see this, not because the hype hordes are telling me to go see it (that was the major reason I still haven't seen any of the LOTR films). And I'm a little skeptical after Eps 1,2 & 3, yeah, I know it's been a long time since then, but you know...

          To be fair, Lucas himself is solely responsible for the ruination of the prequels. He wrote, directed, edited and cast them himself. People were afraid to speak up against him due to no union labour being on set. Noone to back them. His ego was out of control. I saw interviews where people said they knew AOTC was a turd half way through production, they knew it was a disaster but he wouldn't listen. I'm thinking Berman must have stepped in for ROTS for its quality to just step up like that (from crap to ok at least).

          So with that said, he has zero involvement in this, which means for me, as a life long Star Wars devotee and fan, I can finally, *finally* be excited about a Star Wars movie once again...

          You could say, I have...

          *dons glasses*

          A New Hope.


        Yeah Hollywood always reveals too much of the plot. I haven't seen a single trailer in the last 3 years that hasn't revealed the entire plot including twists. Generally if I see a trailer I like the look of I always stop watching it half way through.

        Unfortunately the general public are morons and need everything spelled out for them.

    Lens flares, lack there of, well bodes Mmmhhmmmhhmmmhhmmm

    Wait. Am I supposed to watch this or not? Is this a test to see if I paid attention to the article saying we shouldn't watch trailers? I'm so confused and conflicted right now...

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