We’ll Get The New Total War: Attila In February

We’ll Get The New Total War: Attila In February

SEGA and The Creative Assembly have revealed that the new Total War game, focusing on Attila the Hun, will be releasing February 27th. It’s a good time to be releasing a game, given this incredibly busy holiday period — but fans may have legitimate questions about how close it is to the last Total War game.

As Luke Plunkett notes, it’s very soon for another brand new Total War game, and the franchise has made mistakes along these lines before. Couple that with the fact that the events of Attila occur directly after those of Rome II, and while that doesn’t say anything concrete, it has the stench of a repurposed expansion.

Attila will include some new fire propagation tech for setting towns ablaze, and you will be able to wipe them off the map entirely. A fitting feature for horde of huns. There are also tweaks to general skill trees, and improved street fighting.

We’ll keep an eye on the available units, formations, and tactics, to see if the gameplay is different enough (and skirmish-ey enough) for it to be considered a new experience. To be fair, when it comes to the units and tactics of the day, that’s one thing that The Creative Assembly is consistently good with.


  • There is no way in hell I will ever buy another game from Creative Assembly, after the farce that was Rome 2.

  • Bah that’s bullshit, this should be priced no more than an expansion pack ($40), even if only for people like me that got suckered into full price ($90) beta-testing for the abominiation that was R2:TW.
    I bet you it will be full price for everyone, despite the time period and features (or ‘tweaks’ if you prefer) being nothing but expansions on stuff that is in R2:TW.
    Let’s just say I won’t be burnt again. I’ve pencilled it in for a maybe purchase in a few years once all the bugs are gone and the game is, you know, finished.
    In the mean time, back to Med2 mods.

  • This is a reimagining of Barbarian Invasion for the original Rome. I wasn’t aware they were going to charge full price for it though. I’ll avoid it either way as I didn’t like Barbarian Invasion that much.

    At least Rome 2’s patched up to the state it should’ve been in from launch.

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