What Are You Playing This Weekend?

This post comes to you live from Anaheim, California where I'll be checking out Blizzcon. Therefor I won't have much time to be playing video games, asides from the games at the show! What are you guys and girls planning to play over the weekend?

There's no shortage of games to play at the moment, and one game I was keen to play, before heading off to Blizzcon, was Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

It's easy to be cynical about Call of Duty, particularly since Call of Duty: Ghosts was a little uninspired, but I've heard great things about Advanced Warfare, and I really enjoyed what I've played of the multiplayer so far.

What are you all planning to play this weekend?


    I'll still be playing Fantasy Life, because I am hopelessly addicted (100 hours so far!)

      Wow! Great work. I gave up at about 30 hours. Started all the Lives, levelled them a bit & got up that tree with the spoiler up the top.

      Got the shots with the dialogue so decided to give it a break til I'm in the mood again.

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    Binding of Isaac Rebirth on stream, lots and lots of it. As many hours as I can.

      You my friend, have excellent taste in the vidya game department.

        I've played a little of it, but it hasn't grabbed me yet. I think it just needs more time.

        Seconded. Had a few goes last night on PS4. It is pretty awesome!

    BINDING OF ISAAC REBIRTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111oneone

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    I will no doubt be Spelunking most of the weekend.

    I'd get some more board gaming done but Freya is on nights so neither of us is going to be awake at the same time for the next few days. Still, if anyone feels like picking up a copy of Suburbia on iOS or Android you can play for me so that I feel a little better.

    Have a few things on this weekend so probably not much.
    Wasteland 2 is still sitting there tempting me. Likely most a bunch of small quick tie fillers like marvel puzzle quest and race the sun. Maybe a few costume quest battles in there.
    I've been playing a bit of path of exile as well so might do a few quests in that.

    Otherwise I'll see what the better half wants to do, might continue with some transistor

    Picked up Walking Dead on sale. Up to episode 4 of season 1. Hopefully Sleeping Dogs will be delivered today and if so I'll give that a shot too.

    Actually back on the Pokemon wagon again trying to build a competitive team. Anyone got a ditto safari? :P

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      I don't have a Ditto safari, but have you hit up any of the subreddits. I think /r/friendsafari is what you're after

        Yeah thats how I got mine - Infact its the best place to go if you are looking to train any pokemon in particular - odds are the poke your looking for (unless legendary) someone has it in their safari and it will have up to 2 IV's maxed out already with the chance of it having its hidden ability.

    Probably a mixture of BoI Rebirth and Freedom Wars on Vita, with smatterings of CoD AW and WoW, tidying up some stuff for Warlords next week.

    Will be checking out some Blizzcon stuff with my Virtual Ticket too!

    Probably more Shin Megami Tensei IV,excellent game.

    Maybe some Skyrim in the evenings.

      Oh, & I'll check out this montmontPlus games, don't really look like my thing though.

    It's the weekend, so that means copious amounts of Mario games - probably Super Mario 3D World and Mario Kart 8.

    Also playing Ghostbusters (it's OK) and a few of the new PS+ games on vita like Binding of Isaac.

    I got Advanced Warfare...I'm going to play it out of a feeling of obligation. But I will enjoy more the time I spend on Disney's Magical World for 3DS, and perhaps some freedom wars if I can tear myself away from it....

    I'm really not sure. Knocked PAX out of the way so I can focus on my own stuff until Christmas forces me to be friendly to my family.

    Probably really should get into my Halo 2 video, I've really fallen behind with it. I recorded most of my footage at the start of September.

    Other then that, I've really been getting into Star Fox 64 on my 2DS. Been aiming for Gold medals on all missions. Probly will also get back into Pokemon Y.

    Need to decide between Borderlands and Aliens: Isolation. Or just go back through my backlog again.

    I'll be playing The Crew. It's actually pretty good. I've only put an hour in so far, so I want to check out as much as possible over the weekend.

    I've been replaying Saints Row 4 for some reason, so probably just more of that.

    NOT Costume Quest 2 D: sigh.

    But I will play more Tearaway on the Vita, and probably more LBP and LBP2 in preparation for three coming out in a few weeks :D

      It was on Xbox Live on Halloween night.

      Still not on PSN I assume? :(

        Nope :( I'm very very sad about it, but too stubborn to buy it on WiiU or Steam because I'm a jerk.

    Quite a lot, actually! I recently bought Walking Dead Season 1, Alice: Madness Returns, Rocket Knight and Worms Armageddon on the PSN's sale, and I also bought Pokemon Art Academy for 3DS, and am about to get Shovel Knight for Wii U. Phew!

    Going to try and finish The Wolf Among Us this weekend since I've been stalled on episode 3 and want to push through 4 & 5 in one sitting and have had trouble finding a 4 hour block on weeknights. Silly, I know.


    I've paid for Advanced warfare, so I'll play Advanced warfare. probably also try to get more done on Shadow of Mordor since I loved it but for some reason stopped playing 1/2 through the game...

    Hopfully some BL: TPS with friends. I'm also debating whether I want to run Infinite Climax mode on Bayonetta 2 or go back to Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories. There'll also be a mix of Etrian Odyssey Untold and Disgaea 4 in the downtimes.

    I'll be playing CoD: AW.
    I've been skeptical about CoD since I stopped playing after BO, but AW is reminding me of that old Modern Warfare CoD feel I loved so much with the added bonus of double-jumping now.
    Although I've been having trouble running it in Crossfire (I'm assuming updates for that will come later?)

    myself. followed by some destiny. still on the grind. still enjoying it. see you in the crucible (where i suck badly but damn its fun).

    Hearthstone. MOAR. Maybe try and finish Darksiders 2 as well. Halfway through. Got it for free on that Games w/ Gold thing that I am a big fan of.

    Certainly not Alien: Isolation since my copy hasn't arrived yet Mark. :P

    I'm dragging my PC over to my TV, cranking up the stereo and playing as much Elite as I can cram in.

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