What Are You Playing This Weekend

There are a lot of things I want to be playing this weekend. I want to finish Alien: Isolation. I want to start Dragon Age. I want to check out Assassin's Creed Unity, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. But I have to pretty much recognise the fact that I'll most likely be sitting on my caboose playing Halo: The Master Chief Collection all weekend.

That's if 343 Industries manages to get their bloody matchmaking issues sorted. I don't mind saying that it's sorta disgraceful that this game was allowed out of the door with a matchmaking system that literally cannot find games. Last night I spent 40 minutes trying to get a game online and I couldn't. That's simply not good enough. It's not even mildly functional.

That being said, once this thing is working. I suspect I won't be playing much else for the foreseeable future. Or doing much else for that matter.

What are you guys and girls playing this weekend?


    I am tempted to fire up Warlords, but the social element of the weekend is already looming as the biggest time-sink for me. Looks like it'll be hangover Sunday material :B

    Uni Exams are over :D So i'll be junkeing it on Halo and MK8 DLC!!!

    Shadow of Mordor. I am taking my time on this one...

    Ideally: get back to Wii U. Maybe have another shot at finishing SM3DW. Maybe actually crack out Mario Kart. Maybe hit up Bayonetta.

    More likely: Just spend the entire time playing Elite instead.

    Probably finishing Shovel Knight. This game has me giddy like a school girl.

      Very nice game of choice sir! I too was guilty of acting the giddy school for this game.

      What's wrong with me - I'm not really enjoying Shovel Knight and I thought it was right up my alley...

    Im going to still be playing Desting on Xbox One . Ill be on mostly Friday evening and Sunday if anyone wants to join the fire team and do some strike missions. A possible raid?

    XBL Gamertag: B1ack Sword

    I'm holding off on Halo MCC for that exact reason @markserrels. I'm happy to stick with Destiny for the moment. I'll try and mop up the last of its achievements that I can.

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      Probably not raiding this weekend because... halo.
      add me though, I'm regularly kicking around, generally raid on Tuesday nights after reset.
      GT: Ryvman

    I was hoping to play Metal Gear (no not Metal Gear Solid) but I've got a feeling my Metal Gear Legacy Collection game wont arrive today :-(
    Guess I'll just have to find a game to play from my Pile of Shame list instead.

    Mario Kart DLC and avoiding g20.

      No gaming, up the coast. Avoiding g20. :/

    Hit 30 in Destiny with my Warlock earlier this week, so will start a Titan alt. ;) Might even try and get a run at the VoG on Hard.

      Congrats on 30. Still waiting for boots to drop.

      14 clears - 1 Helm, 1 chest piece, 5 pairs of gauntlets, 14 chatterwhites.

        Those bloody boots. Still waiting for mine to drop damnit

          The boots are the only part of the set that I have. Hee hee

            I can see myself getting them when the DLC drops. At which point the carrot will have moved.

            Mind you - the warlock raid helm is sweet. I shouldn't complain.

              I have two 29 hunters and three raid chestpieces. No raid boots or gauntlets yet. The last time I did the raid the third chest piece popped after atheon after getting only shards and energy before that.
              Oh Destiny, why do you troll me.

                Iron banner will offer lvl 30 boots and gauntlets. I wish I wasn't so sucky at PvP.

                Unless it is another RNG system, in which case the trolling will continue.

        Thanks, I was pretty lucky! On my first normal run of the raid I got the chest, boots and class item. Cheesed Atheon solo twice for the raid helm, ships and sparrow. Second full run I got 'Red Death', 'Found Verdict' and a mountain of shards. This week I got the gloves from the oracles, 'Praedyth's Revenge' and enough shards to max out my gear!

        My mate in two runs on normal got all three pieces of raid gear and Atheons Epilogue!

        I'm keen to have a dig at hard mode over the weekend, if anyone is keen hit me up. PSN: grabda

    Mario Kart DLC! Deus Ex: HR! Assassin's Creed IV! Wooo!

    Bit of destiny, strange coin collecting to buy whatever exotic xur has this weekend.

    But mostly Halo, then some Halo and probably after that... Halo.

    WoD, perhaps AC:U if i run into any more crippling lag at peak times, hopefully thats sorted out.

    After saying I could give it a miss, I ended up getting Unity. Played a bit last night and got stuck several times in a roof, and once in a crowd, and had one hard system crash. I do not like this game. But have no idea why, im still gonna continue to play this weekend, and maybe also try and finish the evil within, along with Disney Magical world and freedom wars.

      I wrestled with the idea, but finally cancelled my pre-order. I just didn't want to have my experience tainted by performance issues and glitches. For such an immersive single-player game, it must make it all the worse to be constantly pulled out of the experience by bugs or crashes. I've decided to buy the inevitable 'complete' edition when it comes out next year.

    WoW. If I can even get in the server and quest through the lag. (2000+ queues last night) this image pretty much sums up my attempt last night http://puu.sh/cOTKl/540ccd749a.jpg

    I'm hoping my copy of shadow of mordor has arrived so I can play that. If not I might go pick up walking dead season one for my xbox one to play over the weekend now that I've finished off all my other games. Either that or keep doing some side missions I have left over in sunset overdrive.

    I really can't tell whose fault it is. I want to say Microsoft since they're the publisher and publishers are usually the reason why games are shipped before completion. But I also want to blame 343i since they would most likely want to release it on/around the 10th anniversary.

    Anyways, I bought AC: Rogue last night but wanted to finish Borderlands Australian Edition last night. Managed to get up to the final area but it was too late. So I'm going to finish that off and then move on to AC: Rogue.

    and if I'm lucky, play some Warmachine.

      I blame Microsoft, don't they get final say on anything that is published on the XBONE platform?

        I'm pretty sure they would have went with 343s idea to release the game on the anniversary.

    Framed. Guessing it won't last too long but between everything I got on this weekend, it's the perfect filler!

    Got work on Saturday and Sunday, but I'm gonna be starting Assassin's Creed: Unity, also starting Batman: Arkham Asylum again (on Steam this time), also Mario Kart 8 (new DLC is pretty awesome).

    Probably should finish off Shadow Of Mordor too, then again, I probably should be starting Dragon Age: Origins in preparation for Inquisition, apparently it's very lore heavy, and I know next to nothing about it, and I don't want to go in blind.

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    This weekend I'm hosting a LAN; their will be 6 of us and we will be playing Serious Sam 3 BFE,Killing Floor, Diablo 2, Quake Live, Battlefield 4 then some chaps will leave early and we will play Left 4 Dead 2 and Borderlands 2. It starts this arvo and ends Sunday lol :P Lots of fps which is a bit of a shame but it was hard to find a variety which most peeps had. I'm mostly looking forward to Diablo 2!

    Dragon Age: Inquisition, am I the only one here with EA Access? I might try play CoD:AW again online but the lag has really killed it for me, didn't enjoy it at all.

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      I was super tempted to get EA Access just so I could do this. It would be agony to get to play it for a few hours and then have to wait five days before I can play it again though.

        I was on the fence about getting it having not played the previous 2 and I already had Access, after playing it I'm still not sure. I might go with FC4 and pick up DA at a later date.

    I would have thought Halo, but it looks like I might just lay around playing Persona 4 Golden instead. I dunno, I was really into the idea of marathoning the four campaigns but I'm having a rough time getting into the right frame of mind. It's never bothered me before but not being able to use iron sights is really throwing me off this time. It's like my mind put Destiny and Halo in the same place and now I think Halo is meant to play like Destiny.

    I'm 80% done with Shadow Of Mordor, so I'll probably wrap that up, patch my new copy of MCC and start my 4 campaign super run!

    Will probably finish our run of the Vault we started last week, too.

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    Just got Wolfenstein: New Order installed last night so I'll be trying to bust through that before Far Cry 4 next week.

    Dragon Age 2 in preparation. Might try to knock over Sunset Overdrive too.

    Still have Shadow of Mordor there which I'm yet to really sink my teeth in to.

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