What Are You Playing This Weekend?

I am genuinely a bit overwhelmed with the choice. This week and last week has been a bit crazy with the major releases — Assassin's Creed Unity, Far Cry 4, Grand Theft Auto V, Dragon Age: Inquisition. And I'm sure there are games I'm forgetting here. And all of these games demand so much of your time. How are you supposed to choose?

I still haven't finished Alien: Isolation. Jesus.

But I think I'm going to make a decent effort to get into Dragon Age: Inquisition. Mainly because the feedback on it has been so strong, and it seems like ages since I've played a Bioware RPG. I'm a couple of hours into the game, and I have to admit that it hasn't grabbed me yet. Hopefully I'll understand why everyone is so hyped on it soon.

What are you all playing this weekend?



    & maybe some Pokemon

    Probably NBA 2k or if i can steal it from my son Super Smash Brothers..... Although i am getting a WII U (To pack away for Xmas) so studying up on what good games are around for that may be the game of the weekend.

      Bayonetta 2
      The Wonderful 101

      I'd start there, but that's just me.

      Mario Kart 8 and Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze.

    First, I'm going to drool over all that stuff I can't get.

    Then I'm going back to Teleglitch. It's my new Dark Souls. Can't believe how much I like it while completely sucking at it.

      Hey if you are playing on PS4 and want someone to join you I would be keen. I don't know anyone with it that would like to play online.

    GTA Online. Cannot wait to cause havoc again. Have started a new character (customisation is pretty great) and gonna work my way to the top!

      Have they added customization functions? It was so hard to make someone that didn't look hideous.

        Yeah it's a pretty decent improvement, you can tinker around with everything.

          Great, I don't know why they didn't do that in the first place. There were so many ugly people getting around online.

    I have GTA, FC4 and DA:I and I don't know which one to play.

    I'm leaning towards Far Cry with a bit of GTA shennanigans amongst a sliver of DayZ.

    I'll probably save Dragon Age for my time off over Christmas.


    Far cry 4 and try finish Sunset overdrive.

    Have a good weekend everyone

    Jumping back into Dragon Age: Origins, some Legend of Korra, and maybe some Project M.

    Not assassins creed unity. My i7 pc with 8 gig of ram can't even run it on low, yet it could run black flag above medium.
    500$ later i got a new GTx700 somthing and 16 gigs ram. So it should be fun trying to install some hardware.

    I just bought Inquisition but I am steadfast that I will finish Sleeping Dogs and Walking Dead Season 2 before I start it!
    Oh and I'm working on building some perfect pokemon in X. FC anybody?

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      Please, I will post mine this evening

    Maybe Destiny. Probably Halo. Hopefully The wolf Among Us.

    I'll be working on Assassins Creed: Rogue. Aside from grenades, I've reached the moment where I can completely clean the entire map of icons. Then I'll work on the story.

    Also picked up Dragon Age: Interior (for 360) so I might start that.

    Or just work on my Halo 2 project because that's 2 months late now :P

    Don't know about playing it, but i'll be trying to get Dragon Age Inquisition to run at more than 15FPS.
    Extremely pissed off.
    My PC is above all the recommended specs, but regardless of graphics settings, cutscenes will not play above 15FPS. Not only that, the gameplay, combat, etc everything is in slow-motion.

      That's a shame :/ May i ask what your running?

      I've got a 780ti @1440p on ultra and its running on lower frames than BF4 at ultra, the temps are also and extra 10 degrees hotter. It averages at 40fps, cut-scenes stick to around 30fps.

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        I've got an HD 6990 @ 1080p, intel quad core @ 3.2ghz and 8gb RAM
        If anything, it might be that my cpu speed is holding me back, but i don't think thats it. It's like there's a bottleneck somewhere.

        Cutscenes actually get better as each 'shot' lasts longer, but drop again when the camera switches to another shot.

      For anyone who was having troubles with DA: Inquisition, This is what fixed it for me. AMD cards only obviously.


    Far Cry 4, Shadow of Mordor (77%) and prob finish Dragon Age trial.

    dragon age this weekend, next weekend, the one after that and so on. I'm a bit annoyed that my copy of shadow of mordor still isn't here from ozgameshop after a month, was hoping to have finished that off before diving in to dragon age.

      A month!? Wow, that must suck... I've been ordering from them for quite some time and the longest I've ever had to wait is about 2 weeks and a bit. Usually arrives in about 10 days or so. You sure it hasn't gone missing in action?

        Yeah I've ordered a lot through them usually takes a week or two. I had contacted them last week but I've been told their shipping requires a game to be 25 business days since shipped before they will refund\resend. Mine still needs a few business days before I can have it resent, I trust ozgameshop so I'm guessing it's just gone missing somewhere in the post.

    Probably more gta v, still getting used to first person mode ... everything except for the driving is fantastic and I wish I could figure out how to set the driving controls so A is handbrake and right bumper is scooch down in the seat and to also update the shooting controls when as a passenger to use the triggers like in third person mode. Other than that more gta online as I try and fail to get a jet from the airbase to see if it feels better in first person than the single engine planes that spawn out near trevors place.

    If I get time I'll probably put in another hour into beating my head against the fume knight in Dark Souls 2 ... I just can't get my timing right for some of his swings. Hell, I'll consider it progress if I can see the second stage of the fight for more than a second

      I had that problem too, there's a toggle in the control settings for Alternate Hand Brake, if you turn it on then your problem should be solved :-)

        I'll have to check when I get home, but if this is true I will revere you as a god

    Well I bought Dragon Age: Inquisition, though the day before I had a slight headache. I wake up yesterday morning still with the headache, but I went and got DA:I all installed and ready to play.

    I start playing and realize I can't handle playing it with the headache, which had gotten worse by this time. So lets hope by tomorrow my headache is gone so I have all weekend to play.

    Also headache pills did nothing to my headache, this headache is persistent, I probably shouldn't be on here but ah well, I need my daily dose.

      If the pain killers aren't working you might simply be dehydrated. Try drinking water over time or even having something like a poweraid. Beset are my head ache cures.

      Beyond that, try switching what painkiller you are using. Your body will develop a natural resistance over time, so if you use panadol mostly, try an aspirin or ibuprofen.

      I get those sometimes. What you state is more a migraine than a simple headache. Go get some Imigran tablets. (prescription). You will be back playing in 2 hours.

    So many good games to play.... shame I'll be wasting my weekend playing WoW...

    I have Unity, Far Cry 4, and Dragon Age, and COD, and I have no idea how to split my time, so I'll probably just play Marvel Puzzle Quest on my phone while Garfunkel and Oates plays idly on the television...

      Hahathis is exactly my problem, 100 games installed on steam, plays the new candy crush soda because I'm bored and got nothing to play :/

        This is why I find that having physical copies really helps. With digital, it's kind of like 'out of sight, out of mind'. On the other hand, idly browsing my collection (alphabetised of course) on the shelf often makes for a great 'oh, I forgot I hadn't played this yet. Yeah, I'll pop it in now' moment.

    PS3 - Mr Torgue! (Borderlands 2) Awesome! Explosions!! CAPITAL LETTERS!!!

    PS4 - Thief - leaning towards not doing a platinum run because of the other PS4 games I want to play. Namely GTAV if it comes in today from ozgameshop.

    Vita - Miku Miku and some Hyperdimension Neptunia Producing Perfection (love that Neptunia humour).

    2DS - Finally finished Fire Emblem Awakening (so good) and now romping through Kirby Triple Deluxe for some light fun.

      oh man, I really wanted to like PP, but it seemed quite limited, and with that tiny little song selection, I was disappointed...though being someone who's biased to [email protected] 2 (which i played inside out), that critique might be a little unfair, seeing as it was i guess more a parody of the genre(?)

        I know what you mean. I'm on my second playthrough now in PP and I'm definitely not playing it for the idol aspect. I just love the interplay between the CPUs and the main character and also their little digs at each other. I'm treating it more like a VN in that regard, since the concert aspect involves almost no skill at all :-)

        I seem to recall idolm@aster has been announced for PS4 so hopefully they'll localize that and I'll give it a go.

    im having a hard time too, between warlords, far cry 4 and DI, its bloody challenging

    Far Cry 4 and Dragon Age: Inquisition, if I can tear myself away from Far Cry.

    That is all.

    Far Crrrrrrrrrrry! I'm gonna take down so many outposts and make so many new things and ooooh boy. Love it.

      I got Far Cry 4 for my bday yesterday so going to pop that in. Never played a game in the franchise before and it seems a bit daunting!

        Oh, yeah, it will for the first bit, but then it should suck you right in. The gameplay and mechanics are sooooo fun.

        Also, happy birthday for yesterday! :)

          Thanks man! Glad I have the whole Friday night to get stuck into it now!

    Will be playing DA:I, Just completed AC:Rogue few days ago and started playing AC:U but their ac initiates is not working and the companion app is not syncing making me miss out on too many things so I decided to drop it for now until the issues are fixed before I continue.


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