What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Here's a strange thing that happened: this week I had Monday and Tuesday off and I thought to myself, 'time to get some quality gaming time in'. I looked at all the game I had, all the games I still had to finish, and I was totally like, 'I HAVE NOTHING TO PLAY'. It was ridiculous.

It was the equivalent of a model with a walk-in wardrobe full of clothes going, "I have nothing to wear". It was so silly.

I think the difficulty for me was more, I didn't know what I wanted to play. the choice was sort of paralysing. I'm keen on Assassin's Creed: Unity — I want to make my own mind up about that game — but I lent it to Chris Jager from Lifehacker. I'm keen to finally finish off Alien: Isolation, but that isn't the kind of game you want to rush through and I felt like I should be checking out something a little newer. Shadow of Mordor? I think I'm gonna get to that during the Christmas holidays.

I settled on Dragon Age: Inquisition. A game I wasn't sure I wanted to invest in. Most people are finishing this game with 80 hours on the clock. I'm not sure I have that kind of time for a game that isn't Dark Souls so it was tough to commit to, but the hype for this game was so strong that I've decided to run with it.

So that's what I'm playing this weekend. How about you?


    Dragon Age and Far Cry 4

    Co-Op in FC is a blast.

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    Currently dividing my time between Far Cry 4 and PES 2015, so will probably continue to do so this weekend. Although gaming time looks pretty limited the next few days.

    Dragon Age: Inquisition with sprinklings of Minecraft and Destiny and Shadow of Mordor.

    Halo collection
    pokemon ruby
    finishing off dragon age side quests.

    The 80 hours for dragon age is with a bunch of side quests, I've finished the main story on normal difficulty last night and only hit 35ish hours played on that save game. Don't feel like I've rushed either but I guess I started leaving some zones un opened because I found the side quests didn't seem as fleshed out or as self contained as they have in other games like mass effect/skyrim.

      I thought the side quests that had a lasting effect on an area, like opening the dam, were much better than elder scrolls quests.

        I liked the lasting effects and I liked the follow ups like judging someone from your side missions or opening up a new task for your advisors but I didn't find many that felt as fleshed out and varied as things like the assassins/thieves/mage guild style quest lines in the elder scrolls series, or things like baldurs gate side quests where you fight totally new enemies for totally new reasons and can get lost in another adventure. Don't get me wrong I really enjoyed the game and I will still be playing it but I just felt the side quests weren't what I was hoping for.

          Ah, I think the main story is way better which is what I was there for.
          I've already found some different enemy types hidden away in the new areas within areas ( if that makes sense).

          So after the main campaign, everything else has felt like icing on the cake.
          The conversation has been amazing. Found them all more interesting than Mass effect etc.

            I agree on those fronts although I enjoyed baldurs gate 2s main story immensely but that is one of my all time favourite games, inquisitions story was well done and had me wanting to find out more the whole way through. No part of the main story felt like a chore at all which even if you do beat the story in say 25 hours (trying to take out any time but the bare minimum for the power needed to unlock story missions) that's a long time to not have anything feel like a drain in a single story line. I have found some interesting enemies and I do think fighting some of them has a much more special feel to it then a lot of other RPGS have with some large opponents requiring the use of actual tactics specific to their behaviours but it didn't feel as varied as some other universes. But like I said before my favourite series is baldurs gate based off the DND rule set with an overwhelming number of different enemies to throw in to zones so maybe I'm judging it unfairly on that front.

              I think that has a lot to do with current tech, takes too long, costs too much to get 3D modellers, animators & AI programming etc :-(

                yeah that's a good point, imagine having to do voice work and animation for every quest dialogue in something like baldurs these days.

      I am taking my sweet sweet time with DA:I. I don't mind if i'm playing it over the next few weeks/months. It's enjoyable exploring and doing side quests and seeing the impact of everything. There also doesn't feel like there is a push, or rush to get through the story.

        I didn't mean to rush it in mine, I just got pokemon and will be playing that a bit this weekend but I'm still planning on putting in a lot more time on the side quests I've missed. I was surprised when I realised I was near the end of the main story

        I didn't mean to finish the main campaign so quick but it was too Damn fun.

    Borderlands TPS with friends, then trying to complete Dark Souls II DLC and a mixture of Etrian Odyssey IV and Disgaea 4.

    Mopping up leftovers in Dragon Age & Pokemoning


    The Walking Dead Pinball.

      I haven't follow the pinball scene much lately, has stern delivered them already?

    No idea. We'll see what tickles my fancy. New Vegas, Destiny, Skyrim, I've been waiting to try out the FM 2015 demo and see if it's any improvement over 2014, finally got Populous The Beginning working :D

    If I had GTA V, that would be my weekend

    I'm playing "refrain from buying any more games in Black Friday sales".

    I predict heavy losses.

    I've been finishing up on games. Finished AC: Rogue, Tales of Borderlands last night, achieved all Gold Medals on every stage on every setting in Star Fox 64 3DS yesterday.

    Might jump in to Dragon Age or play some co-op games. I also picked up Persona Ultimax despite knowing nothing about Persona (aside from Pat jerking off over it). Mainly because it was nice to get the game in a month instead of a year.

    Also want to get some recording done, been real slack over it as of late (2 months behind). Trying to get a friend over for some commentary but he's been stalling for 3 weeks.

    ...Oh yeah! Gotta vote tomorrow as well.

      Have to vote, don't want to vote. They're all jerks and I want to vote for myself instead.

        I've voting for whatever will piss off Liberals.

        Especially over their ads. Have you seen them? The Liberal ads are terrible. Usually going something along like,

        Labour: "This is what we're planning to do with your money"
        Greens: "This is what the Labour and Liberal party have done with your money"
        Liberal: "Those guys are assholes!"

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          I reckon they need to make some rules for the political ads so that they're not just about sledging the opposition. Like okay we get it, they're the opposition, you hate them, good 4 u.

      vote below the line and put in ever smaller drawings of dicks, then they have to work out if more dick is good or bad.

      I did my democratic duty by postal vote, so I have my weekend to myself. I can't remember, do State elections have sausage sizzles?

    Looking at smashing more WoW - just levelling my toons to 100 while there's not a lot of content. Best time to do it. Had four 90s to start with, finished my 3rd to 100 yesterday. 4th is almost 94. Once that's done will probably just smash PvP and the odd heroic while waiting for the new content.

    Oh, and also catching a metric crapton of crap Pokemon on my AU version of AS, so I can trade all my stored 'mon over from my US copy of X. Not fun. Region locking is the devil. But thoroughly enjoying AS - feels like what X and Y should've been. lots of tweaks and improvements.

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      You're liking ORAS more than XY? Huh.

      I'm enjoying it but it feels small after Y, so fee Mon to Cath in each area.
      I'm not that far in yet though

        Still haven't finished X or Y yet. For some reason they're not grabbing me like every Pokemon before. AS seems to be getting it's hooks in. Not far enough into X/Y or AS/OR to explain why though. It's weird.

    I started South Park: The Stick of Truth last night and had a blast... literally, because I made an effort to fart on every single person I saw, along with each of my downed enemies.

    I will be playing more of this. If I have to share with my wife, I will probably start a second playthrough of The Wolf Among Us after finishing it Wednesday night and now really wanting to go through and see what the other choices are like. Amazing atmosphere, actually gave me the urge to reply Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines. The world of the Fables is akin to the Masquerade in many respects and the mood/setting felt so familiar.

      It only gets better. The second night is hands down one of the most funny/gross/outrageous things I have ever played in a video game.

    Dragon Age for the foreseeable future.

    [Losing terribly at] SMAAAAAAAAAAAAASH!

    Wondering if my copy of Hatsune Miku Project Diva 2nd f will actually make it too me... seems like JB were the only ones to get it, got a minuscule amount of stock... and despite pre-ordering it, they can't advise if/when I'll get them...

      I had an unfortunate experience where I had pre-ordered from ozgameshop on the day it became available but did not see that it was NTSC version (still not sure if I ordered it before they actually advertised this, but what the hey). I only discovered it when I bought the song club pass and other DLC and attempted to download it and the Vita said 'application not found'. Interestingly, it imported my JAP save well enough. So I chucked it on ebay, ordered the correct copy from ozgameshop and then bought a digital version to tide me over in the meantime. Digital version does take up over 3000MB though, not including the edit suite.

        Yeah... In the end I was probably always going to double dip on both the PS3 and Vita digital versions as well... But I'll wait til Mon/Tue to see if they can give me an update.

        Otherwise I'll get the Vita version and wait for a sale on the PS3 version, I can wait roughly a year for one! lol

    I think I'll try to finish off XCOM The Declassified Bureau (or whichever order those words go in).

    Watching the Vic election coverage, intending to play something other than Destiny, and playing Destiny...

      Well, at least you tried. It was probably inevitable.

        Had a brilliant time last night doing the daily mission and the nightfall strike, was just such a laugh. :)

    Dragon Age and Lego Batman 3.

    Putting Far Cry on hold til I'm done with Dragon Age.

    Definitely Pokémon Alpha Sapphire.

    30 hours already, nowhere near finished, still want more.

    Working, but whatever time I do get I'll be distributing between Far Cry 4, Dragon Age and Smash Bros.

    Dragon Age Inquisition
    Followed by: Dragon Age Inquisition
    Then; Dragon Age Inquisition
    After that: Super Smash Bros
    and finally: Dragon Age Inquisition

    GTA V(PS4), The Last of Us(PS4), Far Cry 4(PC),

    Talisman board game - trying the firelands expansion with a few friends.

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