What It's Like To Be Poor And Rich, According To This Cartoon

What It's Like To Be Poor and Rich, According to This Cartoon

While I may not agree 100 per cent, I do think there is certainly an element of truth to this illustration.

Artist Rika Asakawa drew the image, which Kotaku has localised. On Twitter, she wrote, "This is something I thought about when I became an adult."

What It's Like To Be Poor and Rich, According to This Cartoon

The image appeared online several weeks ago and was retweeted nearly 10,000 times.

While I don't agree that your future is solely dependent on money (having a parent who makes time and gives a shit is worth way more), it does an interesting job of commenting on class divisions in Japan — and beyond.

大人になって思うこと [@Rikarikari_a]


    Insufficient instant noodles in that comic. Source: Was a poor uni student.

      Oh I know that. My enitre tertiary education I majority lived off of mi-goreng with 3-4 beef strips (from an asian store. they are basically slices of beef as thin as sandwich ham and half the size) and orange juice to keep my vitamin c.
      Thinking back on it sounds like it would've been a horrible experience, but I only have fond memories of that time...

    I feel like mine would be a little from column A and a little from column B... the grampa simpson special

    The poor guys wife looks more fun though................plus the rich kid has to read his name in a book, and then is quite surprised by it, maybe if his parents yelled at him more he would already know his name......

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    I completely disagree with this comic. Yes, both situations happen, but working in a school I've seen far more rich kids end like the poor ones in this comic and the poor kids beat the rich academically and socially. I've seen so many people assume so much of the rich kids in private schools. Public schools get a bad rap for bogans and drugs, but the private schools are still scarier. No matter how rich your parents are, if you're the type for that stuff, you'll get it, the amount of money you have just affects how hard core you go.

    You won't find LSD at a public school.

      All true, but I think the thrust of the comic was that opportunity is a huge factor in life outcome.

      I've worked in 15 schools over my life and I can definitely see the difference a little opportunity can make. It doesn't change the attitude for a person, but it's like starting them in a game on different difficulty settings. The person playing in hard might end up doing just as well as the one playing on easy, but they are going to struggle the whole way.

        Yep I'll pay that. Besides, I've always felt going to a public school prepares kids for life much better than a sheltered private school.

      You won't find LSD at a public school.

      Except maybe the 3 public schools i went to, and pretty much all of the ones my friends went to...

    A go to guide to learn about the class divide in japan & what rich kids react to commoners goods is ouran host club, a very good anime on a time slot usually filled with violence & horror

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