What Japanese Gamers Like About The New Nintendo 3DS

What Japanese Gamers Like About The New Nintendo 3DS

The New Nintendo 3DS is out in Japan, and it’s a fine upgrade to an already decent piece of hardware. With improved head tracking 3D, a second analogue C stick and two extra shoulder buttons, the new handheld aims to please — and it looks like the people are pleased indeed.

Weekly Famitsu recently conducted an online customer satisfaction poll for the New Nintendo 3DS. The questions and results are as follows.

Question 1

Which did you purchase — the New Nintendo 3DS, or the New Nintendo 3DS XL?

As previously reported, the XL version is the more popular model. Of those polled 41% chose the more compact standard model, stating reasons like the portability of the smaller model as well as the custom faceplates as reasons for their choice.

56% went for the XL version with the improved visibility of the larger screen as the primary deciding factor.

3% purchased both models.

Question 2

What feature made you decide to purchase a New Nintendo 3DS?

What Japanese Gamers Like About The New Nintendo 3DS

The biggest deciding factors were the new C stick and the improved head tracking 3D functions.

Question 3

How satisfied are you with the New Nintendo 3DS?

What Japanese Gamers Like About The New Nintendo 3DS

A vast majority (nearly 90%) of responders fell into either the Satisfied or Very satisfied camp. Most responders seemed to find the overall upgrades to be a very welcome improvement to the system.

Some who were unsatisfied noted that they were waiting for more dedicated games to be released.

Question 4

Which new feature is your favourite?

What Japanese Gamers Like About The New Nintendo 3DS

While most responders bought the New Nintendo 3DS for the new C stick, after some actual hands on time with the console, the majority noted that the improved 3D and specs were the most notable features they enjoyed. One commented that actually using the C stick was harder than initially expected while many noted that the improved 3D function was better than expected.

Responder Comments

Smash Bros. plays great! I’d like it if more dedicated software would be released.” (Male in his 20s)

“[The 3D] is a lot more steady than I expected! I used to play with the 3D turned off, but with the New model, it’s always on!” (Male in his 20s)

“Rather than the improved 3D, I’d like to bring attention to how it’s been redesigned for a more comfortable hold and ease of carrying.” (Male in his 30s)

“I’d like more games that utilise the C stick.” (Male in his teens)

“After much deliberation, I was won over by the idea of customisable faceplates and purchased the New Nintendo 3DS. It looks like a lot of nice plates are coming out so there’s much to look forward to.” (Female in her 20s)

“The response when pressing the HOME button during gameplay has gotten much faster. Loading time between screens has also improved and I can play smoothly.” (Male in his 30s)

“I don’t feel the changes are revolutionary, but it feels like a legitimate evolution of the console.” (Male in his 20s)

“Simply the fact that I can execute smash attacks in Smash Bros. easier is worth the price and then some.” (Female in her 30s)


-Of those who responded, 93% already owned a previous model of 3DS.

-The poll was posted for only a relatively short period of time between October 31st and November 3rd.

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