Why Cosplayers Love Dressing Up As BioWare's Characters

Why Cosplayers Love Dressing Up as BioWare's Characters

I like Mass Effect. Other people out there like both Mass Effect and Dragon Age. Do you like it enough to craft an outfit inspired by the sci-fi action series and wear it out to conventions? No, me either. But, let's hear from the brave creative people who do in fact cosplay as heroes from Bioware's big fictional universes.

Cosplay Boom rounds up cosplayers who've built out the armours and outfits from the Mass Effect and Dragon Age universe and gets them talking about why they love Hawke, Garrus and the other characters they have met on their video game journeys. Just watching this video makes me nostalgic for my own Shepard's saga. Still not dressing up as him, though.


    Pretty cool costumes. I dig this video, it's really motivational hearing these guys enthuse about their passion.

    There's nothing to love about Hawke except the failure...

      What, the cosplayers or the character? Because the character was frickin' amazing!

    I didn't watch the video (work), but I was reading something this morning about how Bioware kept cosplayers in mind when creating the armour and outfits in ME2 and ME3, which is pretty awesome.

    If I was even remotely skilled at making, well, anything, I would cosplay the hell out of Bioware's characters.

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