World Of Warcraft Zones, Ranked

World of Warcraft Zones, Ranked

93. Silithus

92. Hrothgar's Landing

91. Molten Front

90. Deadwind Pass

89. Hellfire Peninsula

88. Zul'Drak

87. Scarlet Enclave

86. Bloodmyst Isle

85. Desolace

84. Azuremyst Isle

83. Arathi Highlands

82. Borean Tundra

81. Vashj'ir

80. Blasted Lands

79. Deepholm

78. Crystalsong Forest

77. Badlands

76. Swamp of Sorrows

75. Felwood

74. Searing Gorge

73. Netherstorm

72. Hinterlands

71. Mulgore

70. Moonglade

69. Isle of Thunder

68. Dustwallow Marsh

67. Tanaris

66. Feralas

65. Hillsbrad Foothills

64. Dragonblight

63. Mount Hyjal

62. Blade's Edge Mountains

61. Wintergrasp

60. Twilight Highlands

59. Kun-Lai Summit

58. Townlong Steppes

57. Icecrown

56. Tol Barad

55. Durotar

54. Timeless Isle

53. Wetlands

52. Kezan

51. Winterspring

50. Burning Steppes

49. Loch Modan

48. Shadowmoon Valley in Outland

47. Krasarang Wilds

46. Darkmoon Island

45. Northern Barrens

44. Lost Isles

43. Zangarmarsh

42. Eastern Plaguelands

41. Ashran

40. Azshara

39. Valley of Eternal Blossoms

38. Dun Morogh

37. Stonetalon Mountains

36. Terokkar Forest

35. Sholazar Basin

34. Thousand Needles

33. Duskwood

32. Tirisfal Glades

31. Frostfire Ridge

30. Isle of Quel'Danas

29. Westfall

28. Talador

27. Wandering Isle

26. Un'goro Crater

25. Southern Barrens

24. Northern Stranglethorn

23. Jade Forest

22. Darkshore

21. Dread Wastes

20. Gorgrond

19. Western Plaguelands

18. Teldrassil

17. Grizzly Hills

16. Shadowmoon Valley in Draenor

15. Redridge Mountains

14. Tanaan Jungle (assault on the Dark Portal)

13. Gilneas, Gilneas City & the Ruins of Gilneas

12. Cape of Stranglethorn

11. Silverpine Forest

10. Howling Fjord

09. Uldum

08. Ashenvale

07. Valley of the Four Winds

06. Storm Peaks

05. Nagrand in Draenor

04. Spires of Arak

03. Elwynn Forest

02. Eversong Woods

01. Nagrand in Outland


    And you get paid for an article like this?

    Lol, i knew it...
    No explanations as always....

    We've seen this before, we know what it's about, it's related to a US article which is meant to promote discussion about the rankings or some such thing. Still, we went for so long without another of these, I was hoping the articles would stop coming across to AUS users...

    silithus last? I loved silithus back in vanilla, used to be some great farming spots as a rogue and aq! Nagrand at number one bugs me too, that zone was boring. I'd have hellfire, stranglethorn, tanaris, ungoro, both plague lands all in my top 10. Those zones were amazing back in the day, especially stranglethorn.

    I can get behind old Nagrand as #1.

    I still have flashbacks to the wars that would start while farming elementals on a PvP server

    Last edited 21/11/14 12:01 pm

    So are these ranked on pure aesthetics or how fun the zone is to quest in ?

    Because, even though Nagrand is beautiful, it's a absolutely grindy nightmare to quest through. So many kill X quests.

    Ranked by what? Population, size, fun factor, PVP gankings?

    I'm sure it's by fun factor but as far as I can tell it's just a randomised list of WoW zones.

    Er... ranked by who? About what? Population? Popularity? I don't understand.

      It has been explained in previous posts like this by the author/-s, this is more like "inside joke" articles, just to get some attention (and flood of comments). :)

    1. Pot plant
    2. Mouse
    3. The former USSR
    *This is the forum where we list random things right?

    Well it can't be listed by best background music otherwise it would read 1. Grizzly Hills... (I am not making the rest of the list because why bother?)

    Seriously, the Grizzly Hills (youtube it) music is fantastic.

    Last edited 21/11/14 2:20 pm

      Oh man, yes. Some of my favourite in the game ever. Grizzly Hills, Howling Fjord, Terokkar Forest. Best zones for music.

      Grizzly Hills is still my favourite zone in the game based on the amazing music alone. If only I could build my garrison there *sad face*

    Zangarmarsh at 43, ZANGAR MARSH AT 43, Z A N G A R M A R S H A T 4 3.

    Extreme injustice, Zangarmarsh was the best outland zone in my opinion, in looks it was a wonderful massive fairy garden mixed with a bit of alien, it had a really good quest chain meaning that the quests took you to the next quest hub.

      Yeh zangar was amazing. I dont get all the nagrand love. All i remember about nagrand was everything being a grind. All the nessingwary and kill ogre quests. Also whenever you had to grind mats for something it usually meant going to nagrand.

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