Wushu Is A Martial Arts Ballet Of Combat And Beauty

Wushu Is a Martial Arts Ballet of Combat and Beauty

Look. At. That. Look at it! Choreographed martial arts doesn't get much better than this.

This, of course, is the Chinese martial art wushu. In competition, there are events with individual or several participants. While the moves are choreographed, timing is key. One wrong move can not only ruin the rhythm, but result in disaster.

The above GIF (and below video) is from a few years back, showing Team China at the World Wushu Championships. It's recently making the internet rounds again, but you might have seen it before. It's truly impressive.

And here it is again from a different angle, in case you weren't impressed enough already.

Below, you can see more amazing wushu from over the years.

Wushu is practised all over the world, but it still isn't an Olympic sport. That's a damn shame, because it sure is fun to watch.

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    Where would you put it? Gymnastics? It's the only place I can think of since it's not a fighting art in any way shape or form.

    Jet Li is a wushi practitioner. He's pretty clear on what would happen if he had to fight a hung gar or buck sui lam master.

    And choreographed gets way better

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    Yeah wushu is great if you want to look good in a fight, but Krav maga is what you want if you want to win said fight.

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