You Are Not Looking At An Anime Image

You Are Not Looking At An Anime Image

It’s actually a photograph of a plastic Gundam figurine. No, really. It is.

Back in 2012, Kotaku profiled a Gundam statue with an anime-inspired custom paint job. That one was made by modeller mumumuno53, and so was this latest effort. But honestly, this time mumumuno53 has really topped that earlier effort.

Check it out for yourself.

This is the Gundam model as it was being painted.

And the finished result:

It really looks like cel animation.


You can see more pictures on mumumuno53’s site in the link below.

二次元模型 悠久のガンダム 全貌 [二次元模型 むむむ式 via Kai-You]


  • Every time I see Gunpla like this it makes me realise how I will never be able to get up to these levels

    • You’d be surprised, there are a lot of techiniqus that create effects like this, though they are usually used to give miniatures realistic lighting and shadows.

      The trick with this is that generally the paint job requires viewing from specific angles for the effect to look right, if you had the model in your hands, you’d be able to look at it from all angles and really see where and how it’s been painted to look like this.

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