You Can Buy An Zelda-Styled Ocarina For $10US

I can't guarantee that it'll let you teleport, or change day into night, but this Ocarina of Time will definitely look cool and it will definitely play music. It will also look good next to a pile of video games.

It's a 12-hole instrument styled like the Ocarina in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. For the musicians among you it plays from A4-F6, so you'll be able to play practically anything. You'll definitely be able to bust out Song of Storms that's for sure.

It's $9.99 US. Pretty sure that's totally worth it.


    Made one in pottery class a decade ago. Still have it.

    "An Zelda-Styled Ocarina" >.

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    If you buy an Zelda-styled ocarina you can become an hero!

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    mine, with article in the background >.>
    Also 10 is pretty darn cheap if it is even half reasonable quality

      Is that the Songbird one? My sister gave me their smaller one as a present once. It was pretty cool, but the limited range annoyed me :P

      I'm tempted by this one, though for ten bucks am wondering about how the quality of it will compare.

        yeh it's the songbird one, round about 24 note range, covers most things but you are right, I sometimes wish I had about 4 higher and lower notes for some tunes

    Who wouldn't do an unboxing to this music?

    I never played Zelda so i dont exactly know what that thing is or what it does, but it looks like something you buy off Catch After Dark

    As someone who is extremely involved in the ocarina community: please don't try buying these ocarinas. They are terrible instruments, an reek of piss poor craftsmanship. If you are actually interested in purchasing a quality ocarina, Songbird and Saint Louis Ocarina (STL Ocarina) have decent offerings of Ocarinas of Time.

    If you have any further ocarina questions, feel free to ask at

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