You Can Now Buy Those Buried ET, Atari Games

You Can Now Buy Those Buried ET, Atari Games

What, you thought they'd all end up in a museum somewhere? Nope, they're ending up on eBay.

Seller tbhs575 has their hands on a number of the crushed, long-buried games, and among the stash are not just copies of ET, but also of Asteroids, Missile Command, Defender and Warlords.

Some are already going for hundreds of dollars. As you'd expect, given these are a part of video game folklore.

If you want to try and get your hands on one, remember, you're paying for the history, not the product: as tbhs575 warns, "The seller does not represent that this item is operable; it was buried for 30 years".

Landfill games [eBay, via Daily Dot]


    I played ET back in the day. Pretty sure I don't want to revisit the horror again. :P

      That may be true of E.T or the Atari version of PacMan, but I will hear no ill spoken of in regard to Asteroids.
      That game ruled. Lots of hours lost. When I was seven or eight.

        Enduro was my game. Little did I know it was training me to drive in the future during times of fog.

          Enduro was definitely in the top 10. River Raid, Pikes Peak, Defender. I'll play these all again one day!


    I want one but i wonder how bad they smell? not sure i would want that in my house haha.

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