You Can Watch Halo 5 Multiplayer Right Here, Right Now

Just a quick note to say that if you want to watch Halo 5's multiplayer beta, you can check it out right here. Well worth watching. They have a two teams of Halo pros going at it.

The Beta starts December 29 and you can get access through the Halo: Master Chief Collection.

UPDATE: The match is over. It was a pretty cool look at the new game. For me personally, it was a trip down memory lane watching all the old pros go at it.


    WORK, grrrr. Still just watched 5 mins and I really like the look of it. Halo: MCC just arrived in the post so plenty of time to get practice in before Guardians drops.

      Get downloading that update bro! :)

        As soon as I step in my door tonight! Still gonna be going throughout the night though, so won't be playing until tomorrow.

      It's looking great! Much more arena based and from what I can see there's no loadouts/killstreak perks like Halo 4? Getting excited! And the little touches are nice like the new scopes / character actually moving hand to pull self up ledge.

    Its hard to be excited about Halo again. I wasn't a fan of Halo 4's management and how Aussie's were seemingly ignored and swept away in regards to local search options. I also felt weird about the direction they took the story, John being a predestined messiah type figure, Halsey being a bit more villainous and the vague Didact crap with only half the story told through the terminals/novels. The removal of Firefight in favour of the episodic (re: mind-numbingly repetitive and laggy) Spartan Ops. Even the Master Chief collection kinda has their stank all over it, trying to shoehorn what feel like their own fanfic into the previous Halo games. I feel like Halo is now kinda contaminated by 343.

    I wonder if they removed Bungie's thnk you messages from the credits too.

      Yeah, I always felt alone in thinking that 343i has no idea why Halo was good and are more interested in catering the MLG wannabes while taking the story in a direction the series shouldn't have gone with (Hey! Let's reveal the forerunners! and make humans speshul!)

      As for MCC, I don't get how people can get excited over it. I mean yeah, it's Halo 1, 2 and 3 again with multiplayer, but a 20gb day one patch just to get it to work? and apparently there's a lot of server issues and the Xbox One has a habit of deleting the patch and making you download it again.
      They're messing around with the ranking system again, they said each game will be just as you remembered it but they added in Flood for multiplayer, new weapons and vehicles, but left out the Spectre. Whaaat?

        What's annoying is they CODed up h4 multiplayer and then stubbornly defended their choices to the community. Then, when talking about H5 they're like: "we're taking Halo back to its core, arena shooter with no load outs, cause that's what Halo is all about." Sorry, but you don't get to break something, then put it back together and say "hey everybody, praise me for fixing this broken thing."

        The product feel so insincere and so design-by-committee.

        Last edited 11/11/14 4:39 pm

        Huh? What sort of argument is this? You don't see why people would get excited over it?

        Halo 1 and 2 are exceptional games. And 343 has spent 3 years making them high res and Xbox Live ready. I only wish some of my favourite PC games would be remade in a similar fashion.

        For some of us, the MCC is a fantastic opportunity to reply a bunch of our favourite, most iconic Xbox games.

        Also, the (15)gb patch is for multiplayer. There is literally so much content on the disc (45gb), they they were forced to put the multiplayer up as a patch. Hardly worth having a whinge over.

        *I don't have an XB1 myself (I have a PS4), but Halo MCC looks to be the straw they broke the camels back. If only I hadn't bought Destiny digitally, and could trade it in.

          343 paid another company to do the remakes of the old games. And they could have spent the extra 7 cents to put a second disc in the case.

            You're talking about a second disc in a mass scale... What's wrong with a 20gb patch? I'm fine with this.

              What's wrong with a 20gb patch that can take hours and cost consumers a lot or in some cases prevent then from accessing it, as opposed to a second disc that would cost the publisher mere cents to add to a game we're paying up to $100 for? Do you have to ask?

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                Dude nowadays it takes 2-3 hours for 20gb as opposed to 2-3 hours for 2-3gb. When we're talking about how far the internet has come since the 90's then 2-3 hours IS NOT that bad. I don't know why you're expecting the moon and the earth from 343i?

                When you're talking DVD's in as mass scale as the MCC is, would you be happier being charged $20 for that $100 game? No? Hmm I thought so. You'd be more disappointed and bitter. You're talking as if Internet nowadays is still in the stone-age and that we're on Dial-up.

                  If forking over $100 and expecting the whole game to be in the box is "asking the moon and the earth" then I suppose I'm an over-entitled consumer.

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          No, I honestly don't. It's just a re-release. Nintendo does it all the time, they recently announced a new Majoras Mask. People are more justified to get excited because (as far as I know) it's only been on N64. All Halo games are currently available on the 360 and if you really want Halo 2 you can buy one off eBay really cheap.
          The only reason I can think of is that people think it will validate whatever Halo they claimed was the best and should be the basis of the next Halo game.

          I already own all Halo games, why would I go out of my way to buy them again?

          and fyi, 343i didn't make MCC, it was Sabre, Certain Affinity and Ruffian Games.

    I'll be playing tonite......also theres a halo LAN on the 22nd NOR gotta get some practice in before then :D
    Its an open LAN if anyone wants details PM

    Last edited 12/11/14 5:00 pm

      Hey @nemalive, how do you LAN it?

      I got the game yesterday, and I don't see any system link or local multi-player options in the menu

        I checked with the organizes and they have confirmed it works......not sure how as i havnt tried it yet?

    I... I think I liked it.

    It seemed faster, although admittedly these are all pro players whom have spent the past year playing against the developers every afternoon.
    I like that there aren't any perks, and the ADS is apparently just the standard halo zoom with a different animation.

    Tying shield recharge to sprint seems like a good idea.

    i thought destiny was halo 5 .. im confused.

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