You Can't Beg For Life In Alien: Isolation, Even At 60fps

No matter how hard you try, pleading with the Xenomorph in Alien: Isolation just doesn't work. The alien (much like a cat) just does what it wants, despite what you tell it to do. But the androids? They should really know better.

It was a long time coming but I finally got a chance to play Alien: Isolation. And with YouTube supporting 60fps video, what better time than now?


    I just finished this yestersay, it was enjoyable but I liked evil within more. Aliens story and missions leave a lot to be desired amd feel very mundane or padded at times. The actual gameplay though is great

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    When TPG finally connect up my ADSL at my new place (after 6+ months of no broadband) I will get a chance to try this, finally. That is after I download 1TB of updates.....

      You do know that Alien: Isolation is available in disk form?

        At a inflated price. Digital tends to have sales on. Anyway they are charging for crappy DLC already so I have been put off from buying this! Release DLC content for a price that should be in main game for free = no support from me!

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