Zelda And F-Zero Come To Mario Kart 8 Next Week

Zelda And F-Zero Come To Mario Kart 8 Next Week

As part of the latest Nintendo Direct, Nintendo just announced that Mario Kart 8's world-colliding DLC is coming out next week.

It's coming out on November 13, specifically. It includes Link, Tanooki Mario, and Cat Peach as playable characters and eight new levels, including ones based on F-Zero and classic Mario Karts.

It will run you $US8, or you can grab Mario Kart 8 DLC packs one and two for $US12. DLC pack two, which includes Animal Crossing-themed stuff, will be out in May 2015.


    DAT Mute City remix.

    I'm as excited for all the extra music in the DLC as I am for the courses themselves :D

    Looks pretty sweet. I like how they've made the effort to redo the Mute City music. Looks like SNES Rainbow Road is reappearing as a retro course even though it was in MK7 too.

    Hot damn, this DLC will be worth it for the music alone! SO GOOD!!

    What's up Kotaku? A Nintendo direct came out today and you haven't featured the direct itself of half the news that came out, just a mention of Majora's Mask and a link to the Mario Kart video. I had to go to IGN to get a proper rundown.

    Yeah and I'll be playing GTA and Unity instead.

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