10 Awesome Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Plays Of 2014

10 Awesome Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Plays Of 2014

YouTuber Peter Vallsten’s video and the CS:GO highlights he features is proof that the game is about far more than just about opening cases. It had a crazy year, and it will probably grow even bigger as an eSport in 2015.

Number 4 and the first one are just crazy impressive, but all his picks look cool, even if you’re not familiar with the game.

Here’s a breakdown of which plays are included, along with their respective events:

10. Olofm 2 usp jumpshot vs NaVi – Starseries X Finals
9. Pasha 4k vs NiP – Katowice Final

8. Virtus Pro Snax vs NiP – Katowice Final

7. Shroud eco 3k vs IBP – CEVO Final

6. adreN 1v4 clutch vs Fnatic – ESEA Lan Finals

5. Hiko – ESL One Cologne

4. Fiberg 5 hp ace Fnatic – ESL One Cologne

3. Shox vs Virtus Pro – Fragbite Playoffs

2. Ex6tenZ ace NaVi with 25 seconds left – SLTV StarSeries XI
1. JW ace Titan – Dreamhack Invitational

CSGO: The top 10 plays of the year 2014 [YouTube]


  • I know this is a competitive sport and I’ll be stepping on alot of toes saying this… but my god the commentary sucks. That and this doesn’t seem all that impressive. Look at some battlefield plays, that stuff is crazy.

  • I don’t play this game but being able to see the other team’s outlines over the whole map seems a bit weird.

    • Thats because its in spectator mode, and seeing the team outlines gives you a better idea of whats going on in the round by both teams.

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