20 Of The Best Falcon Punches In Smash Bros

20 Of The Best Falcon Punches In Smash Bros

Nailing a good Falcon Punch is probably one of the most satisfying things to do in Smash Bros. And while you don’t see them all the time in competitive play, the Falcon Punches that serious players land can be very bombastic.

Here’s a compilation of a bunch of great Falcon Punches by GRsmash. You might recognise a few, depending on how closely you follow Smash Bros tournaments:

While there are a bunch of good ones in there, I’m particularly a fan of punches that take out multiple people, punches that (initially) face away from the enemy, and the punch that happens at around 5:28. Damn.

I’m glad this compilation also includes some of the reactions to the punches from the audience, too. That way, you can get a sense of just how hype these punches were at the time.

Top 20 Falcon Punches -Super Smash Bros [GRSmash]

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