A Month-Long Race To See Who Can Finish 21 Final Fantasy Games First

A Month-Long Race To See Who Can Finish 21 Final Fantasy Games First

One month. Two speedrunners. 21 Final Fantasy games. It's an insane, sleep-depriving mission that will likely drive both participants insane: for the entire month of December, two gamers are going head to head in a live race to beat the entire singleplayer Final Fantasy catalogue, plus some extras, like X-2 and Lightning Returns.

Here's the full list.

I've been following this race since yesterday, and there's something kind of amazing about watching people marathon these games. The rules: no skipping cut-scenes; yes taking sleep breaks; whoever finishes everything first wins.

In corner one is Crumps2, who as of press time is taking a sleep break:

And in corner two is Cereth, who just started Final Fantasy III:

If you're curious, you can check back here throughout the month to see how they're doing. (Or use this link for a side-by-side view.) They have also got Patreons set up in case you want to donate and convince them to take on ridiculous incentives. Here's Crumps2 and here's Cereth.


    Wow, in my 33 years I've never managed to finish a single final fantasy game (despite many attempted starts).

    I really hope that in two weeks we don't see a 'marathon gaming attempt ends in tragedy' article!

    I'd love to be able to do this. I wouldn't speed run it though. And holy crap at a 'speed run' of FFII taking 34 hours (I'm assuming some of that was sleeping).

      It didn't take 34 hours. That was 34 hours total time. Minus the 11 of the first game, 23 hours to complete. That is still a long time and does not include sleeping.

    These guys are going to need their body weight in coffee once they start hitting VII and VIII.
    IX is a little shorter, if by "little shorter" you mean 9/10ths of a marathon instead of a Marathon.

    Then they have X to contend with. Poor, poor people. May their souls rest in peace.

    lol so Crumps2 just dislocated and relocated his shoulder and is now in pain

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