A Shocking Number Of People Want This Fugly Anime Car

A Shocking Number of People Want This Fugly Anime Car

This isn't only the most hideous car offered for sale this year on the planet Earth, but also expensive and rare. There's only one of these cars in existence. And nearly 600 people put in orders to buy it at 7-Elevens in Japan.

Yahoo News reports that there were 588 orders for the one-of-a-kind Mitsuoka Orochi with a Neon Genesis Evangelion anime paint job.

Priced at 16 million yen ($159,000), the car is the most expensive item 7-Eleven has ever offered.

The 588 orders will be entered into a raffle later this month, giving one lucky (?) winner a chance to part with nearly $160,000 to buy this car. That is, a car that looks like it's covered in alien barf.

エヴァンゲリオンカー 1600万円に588件の注文 「ここまでとは・・・」 [Yahoo News]

Picture: Mitsuoka


    If people wanted an alien puke paint job, just wrap the car in vinyl instead of spending 160k on a one off car.

    Christ you could buy a Nissan GTR, and probably not far off an LFA in Japan and then vinyl wrap it in a better Neon Genesis wrap than that.

    Terrible paint job, previous gen Camry V6 engine in a front wheel drive car. Hooray?

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    I still don't understand the ire for this paint job :P

    I think it's because it's limited edition. People go crazy at the fact that this car will (thankfully) not be around for much longer. If anything though, 7-Eleven has indeed shown us that you CAN polish a turd.


    I think it looks pretty cool

    Maybe they're you know fans.
    Or see it as a possible investment as for a supposedly rare car 160,000 is cheap. Could be worth something more in the future.

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