A Team Fortress 2 Fan Film Nearly As Good As Valve’s

I always figured heists and car chases were more the domain of games like Grand Theft Auto, but this slick video makes a pretty convincing argument that they’d be unfathomably rad in Team Fortress 2, er, too.

“Red Zone” is a machinima film by Dunkle, an extremely talented wielder of the Source Filmmaker’s arcane magicks. I mean seriously, this stuff is nearly Valve quality — at least, from a production/cinematography angle. If only TF2 could actually do car chases like that. If only it could do car chases at all. Aside from ones turn everybody into giant-noggined kart barons, I mean.

Here’s some more of Dunkle’s work, including my personal favourite: this hilarious holiday special in which the Heavy discovers that the true meaning of Christmas is punching:

And here’s a brilliantly over-the-top Matrix Dragon Ball Z G Gundam giant robot fight, starring the Scout:

Actually, can I switch out my “if only” for that? Because I really wish Team Fortress 2 had over-the-top Matrix Dragon Ball Z G Gundam giant robot fights. Get on that, Santa and/or Gabe Newell.

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