A Very Brutal Way To Play Far Cry 4

A Very Brutal Way To Play Far Cry 4

Gearbox's (and HAWP's) Anthony Burch has played Far Cry 4 a little differently to you or I. And the way he's played it sounds like a fantastic way to get some more playtime out of it.

Over on his No Wrong Way To Play The Game blog, he explains how, having finished the game "properly", he went back and played it (well, clearing outposts, since you can revisit them) with some very strict rules.

Those rules were:

  • No bullets. That means knives and arrows only, for the most part (though explosives and flamethrowers also counted, if you have any on-hand).
  • No minimap. If you want to see where the bad guys are, either take the time to target them or listen in.
  • No shopping. This might be the biggest one. The only way to get more stuff is to find it or loot it. Without the ability to constantly replenish your supplies, you need to plan every engagement, and make sure you're spending each piece of ammo economically.

This example is called "I am Batman", and pretty much sums it up.

Far Cry 4: outposts only, permadeath, no bullets, no minimap, no shopping [No Wrong Way To Play]


    AAAH Savenya! lost my absolute shit

    This example is called “I am Batman”, and pretty much sums it up.

    Well. Apart from the 'no shopping' rule. Which is kind of the antithesis of absurd waste of financial resources that could be spent on dramatically improving crime-fighting across the city 'His superpower is money' Batman.

      The league of shadows would like a word sir :-)

        Well... they know where to find me.

        Not that I think they'd be especially cut up about me dissing the black sheep of their family, the worst vigilante ever.

        If you're going to break the law to stop crime, the LEAST you can do is save the state the hassle of expensive legal process and incarceration in a prison with a fucking self-service revolving door by actually MURDERING the serial-killers you pursue.

        It's like the Dark Knight actually endorses these killing sprees; does he give them a loyalty card and punch it every time he catches them, every tenth mass-murder is free? Motherfucker's not just propping up his weak-ass game with millions to billions of dollars in embezzlement worth of high-tech toys (that are undoubtedly NOT League-approved), but he's probably the most criminally-insane reject they've ever had.

        His solipsistic saviour-syndrome sees him spending enough to turn Gotham into a borderline socialist utopia of public safety and health, but instead he holds an entire fucking city's well-being hostage to his insane desire to keep catching the same supervillains over and over.

        We're talking about a man so narcissitic as to engage in some psychopathic cycle of revenge and self-validation, justifying the ridiculous expense with ANY excuse that might help him temporarily forget the fact that Gotham's 'unsolvable' supervillain problems could be solved in about thirty seconds with a phone call to Superman, who undoubtedly wouldn't mind taking a moment every few weeks to knock a demon/space-monster/mutant/criminal genius into the sun in the time most of us would take to check our email.

        tl;dr: Batman's a prick.

        Last edited 09/12/14 10:22 am

          yeah but if you're on the side of justice, you can't just go around not breaking the law and stopping those that do, but you've got to be seen to be not breaking the law too. and the only way to do that really is to....not break the law. If every Gothamite was like, 'oh, Batter's is out killing c*nts again', then his claim to moral superiority evaporates instantly. He's no longer the symbol that everyday people can look up to in order to inspire themselves to also act within the law, even if everything around them is going to shit. i reckon he's the best vigilante ever, for that reason.

          he's got the same(ish) ethics as Rorschach from Watchmen (although admittedly Rorschach does do some illegal shit now and again) - "Never compromise, not even in face of Armageddon" - Batman's own choice to not kill people is easy to follow when he's dealing with street gangs and thugs. The true test of his convictions, of his dedication to the law, comes when aforementioned supervillains come to town.

          Last edited 09/12/14 1:38 pm

          He's a prick for sure. But I'd rather watch, play or read about him doing his thing rather then wandering around a crime free social utopia sipping iced tea and reading the financial times.

          When it comes down to it, breaking faces and meeting old well known enemies is just more entertaining.

          Last edited 09/12/14 3:39 pm

      Aren't most of Gotham's cops corrupt though? Pouring money in isn't going to do much. Corruption is a cultural issue IMO, very difficult to change.

    I love Burch's No Wrong Way to Play. It's very clever. I like these rules, too, I might have to give it a go.

    ... This is how I played like 75 percent of the game minus the no shopping rule. It was bow, autocross and grenade launcher for the majority of the time because I liked to be stealthy and the harpoon gun when it became available worked it's way in. Something fun about headshotting a guy and watching his body just fly off into a canyon below, never to be seen again

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