Another Day Another Sale That Will Send You Broke

And this time it's the turn of the Humble Bundle store with its sticky paws in your wallet.

It's my kinda sale. It has your big hitters — Alien: Isolation is 50% off at $24.99 — but the real top deals are found if you delve into the smaller, indie titles. Monaco is $1.49, Dear Esther is $1.99 and it's awesome. FTL is $4.99, which is good, but I'm sure I've seen it cheaper in Steam Sales and you probably own it already. Amnesia: The Dark Descent is $6.59.

Oh, and here's a weird one: Brutal Legend is $2.49. Pixel Junk Shooter is $1.34 and I really like that game. Fez is $2.49 and it's one of my favourite games ever.

So yeah, pretty damn good sale if you ask me.


    Looks like GOG and Humble are rushing in with the sales before Steams Winter Sale starts.

    I tried and tried but just couldn't get into Fez.

    What's wrong with me? :(

      You're not thinking fourth-dimensionally!

      I'm the same, though I think I wasn't ready to delve into something so huge at the time

    Antichamber for two bucks!

    Really need to get back and figure out those last couple of rooms that I was missing.

      The game is an interesting experience, worth everyone checking it out, especially at that price.

    I grabbed The Banner Saga during a flash deal for less than 7 bucks. Bargain. Really enjoying it so far.

    Even at $2.49 Brutal Legend is NOT worth. I really wanted to like the game, but it's such a mish mash of game styles and incoherence. Trying to be manying things but doing none of them any justice.

    I didn't really care for the new Shadowrun but has anyone played Daggerfall and thought was good?

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