Anyone Want To Vouch For This $10 Dragon Age: Inquisition Upgrade?

Anyone Want To Vouch For This $US10 Dragon Age: Inquisition Upgrade?

Briefly: Owners of the "deluxe edition" of Dragon Age: Inquisition, have you sat on the Skyhold Throne or ridden the Bog Unicorn? Standard edition schlubs like me can now buy the deluxe edition's extra content (listed above) for $US9.99 today. I'm thinking this is a pass. But if you have this stuff and think it's worth it, speak now! Thanks.


    To be honest, I think beyond the first minute or so after getting a mount in this game, I've never used it since...

      Really? It's a big game and makes it much faster to traverse long distances. I am curious though I have sunk 50+ hours into the game and still only have the vanilla horse?? I am scared to look it up because I am afraid the epic mounts are micro transactions.

        When you're travelling via mount you can miss a lot of gathering stuff, as well as some great sightseeing opportunities (if you're into that).

          Na I am all about the sights man, I do wish they had lowered the gathering material spawn and requirements though.. sooo freaking tedious picking flowers every 2 feat.

        I think I just forget that its there. And since I'm on PS4, and mounting requires holding down a button moving left stick down blah blah blah, my tiny brain thinks its too much to remember lol

    Woah, $10! Most definitely not worth it. It's very rare that I'll actually use my mount to travel, as the maps are very full of things to do and are not that big.

    The throne isn't really worth it either, as you only use it at least 5 times through out the game.

    Also Spoiler, you have to pay $10,000 in-game to actually get the Bog Unicorn.

      Um bog unicorn is free if you have the deluxe. Unless you mean without deluxe you can purchase with 10000

        :O what, I got the deluxe edition and i had to pay for it in-game :/

    Apparently there is a free DLC as well?

    I can't find it though.

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      It might be automatically downloaded as an update?

      That is multiplayer dlc though :/

      It should be on the information tab of your game.

        is it for multiplayer? Didn't know that. Don't really play DAI for its multiplayer... oh well

          Yeah on my Origin it says Mutliplayer DLC. I havn't tried the multiplayer yet so the dlc is pretty pointless.

    Worthless aside from the soundtrack.

      Ah..the soundtrack! How do I obtain that? I got the Deluxe Edition...

        Not too sure, I don't have it myself, just read it in the image posted on the article.

        I'd be pretty annoyed to have deluxe only to find out the soundtrack is not in fact included. Though it says digital soundtrack so it may need to be redeemed somewhere. :s

          Yes, a hard copy placed inside the disc box would've been nice. I'm sure there's some flyer in it detailing how to download the soundtrack. Ah well....

        It should just download from Origin automatically when you enter the key to get the other stuff. Check your download history? Not sure where the files go.

          Hmm....I got my other stuff from PSN. No mention of the soundtrack from memory. Think I might need to go to my Origin account on the web.

    Definitely not worth it. The Flames of Inquisition gear is worthless about 10 mins ito the game, the horse armour is ok, but how often do you use a mount? (For me - never). Never even tried the bog unicorn etc.

    Not worth it at all. There are plenty of mounts and the bog unicorn looks terrible (it's a weird looking horse with a sword through its head as its 'horn') and the gear sucks. It has the same appearance as a tier 2 set that you will end up with regardless. And the throne is a minor addition that isn't worth much attention.

    I bought the standard edition from eb games and they were chucking in the downloads for the deluxe stuff in the bag for free.

    As far as I can tell through some digging I have done, there is no way to get the digital soundtrack without having the special editions of the game. I paid for the dlc and there is nothing explaining how to download the soundtrack whatsoever.

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