Are You Still Playing Destiny?

Are You Still Playing Destiny?

Destiny has been out for several months now, long enough for most people to have a pretty good sense of what it's all about. Sure, it got its grindy tentacles around a lot of us back in September, but has it managed to keep everyone playing since then?

I'm probably not representative of the average Destiny player. As much as I complain about the various things the game does wrong, I continue to play... a lot.

That's partly because I'm continually reviewing the game (I'll be revisiting my review sometime after the holidays), partly because I'm knee-deep in the new expansion, and partly because I've got a great regular team of raid buddies to go through the Vault of Glass and Crota's End each week.

Not everyone plays for those reasons, so I thought I'd ask you all where you're at with Destiny. How many of you are still playing? Who's still going strong? Who's quit?


    I still play occasionally, but honestly, I'm not sure why.
    It's not much fun, but it's just kind of a "I'm bored, may as well play Destiny", kind of thing :\

    A friend recently picked it up so I have been back into it. Not bought the DLC though. I had a bit of a hiatus when GTA came out. Still heaps of fun with friends. Alone its bland.

    I'm still playing Destiny and it consumes about 90% of my gaming time. Looking still for people to fill our raid party on Xbox One. Hit me up on XBL. My gamertag is : B1ack Sword

      Would you be ok with someone who's never actually completed the raid yet? I'm currently level 26 and a defensive titan

        Sure thing man. Shoot me a friends request and msg to organise times

          I'm also up for this! I'm desperately looking for Aussies to play with. Mind if I add?

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      I'm up for raiding, added you on XBL. I was away for a few weeks so just catching up to the new levels. Gamertag: Decathect

      Can I play too? Level 29 Titan. LBurroDelDiablo. Would be great to find someone else on xbox one.

    Yeah me and my brother still play it sometimes, we haven't done any raids, but it is enjoyable to go in run some missions and blast some stuff.

    Wofenstein, Rage, all of bungies previous shooters.....Have far better combat experiences than Destiny. Saying that shooting the guns is good in destiny ( which I unbelievably keep hearing, even from Destinys detractors) and that represents good combat, is nothing compared to the combat overall, which people deliberately ignore or choose to not think about; AI, combat engagement, enemy variety, tactical variety, weapon tactical engagement, mission variety, hit by weapon animation on the enemies - or feedback, combat progression, rewarding boss fights....I could go on and on. Destiny is lacking in so much of what makes good combat that the idea that in Destiny that the 'shooting feels good' - ,therefore the combat is good', is purely ridiculous.

    Destiny is what it is, and in my opinion I think it's a bad boring game, which leaves me horrified for games future with so many fans and fanboys keep giving it a pass with only the mildest of criticism.

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    I was done with the story two days after launch.
    I was done with the pre-raid grind two weeks after launch.
    I was done with the raid two months after launch.

    I gave it a rest, hoping the DLC would rejuvenate my interest.

    ...I was done with the DLC in two hours.

    I love the mechanics, the art, the vistas, the (unrealized) potential for hidden stories in the ruins (not told as vignettes on a website somewhere). I want an excuse to enjoy it again, but I haven't found one yet.

    Me and the GF have been playing through Eris's bounties recently. Just the tiniest smidgen away from level 26, so will probably give the Vault of Glass a crack soon. Got my first piece of Legendary armour last night!... Only for it to be for a different class... Oh well my level 20 Titan will be getting some legendary boots before even getting any rare gear o.0

    Of course I should be getting Far Cry 4 very soon so that'll take up a fair chunk of the co-op gaming time. Plus got Black Flag to play through for solo gaming time, and Sunset Overdrive, damn I'm looking forward to doing an inflated amount of gaming over the holidays!

    I'm right on the cusp of giving up. I'm still playing, and have managed to reach Level 25 but I've started to feel that the grinding in this game is more like work, as opposed to, say, Diablo 3 where it felt fun. The fact that I have a long list of other great games to play and finish isn't helping Destinys cause.

    Semi-related question; Ive seen a lot of anti-Destiny (or negative in tone) articles here at Kotaku the last two weeks. What's up with this crusade? Did someone at Bungie insult your mothers or something?

    I had a good time with Destiny, even bought DLC and get my Warlock to 31, but felt enough of it. Just no point of continue doing this game. not saying bad, it's a good game (seeing lots of problems that people talking about) but I'm done with it.

    Got to level 29, never played it again, sold it.

    I'm still playing, bought the DLC at the weekend and had a quick crack at a few missions from Eris. I'm level 27 now after about 50 hours play but desperately need a legendary primary weapon.

      Buy it. Get more reputations. Do Crucibles, which is I think the best part of Destiny.

    After a refreshing break from Destiny with Far Cry and Smash Bros I've just jumped back in for the new expansion.

    I thought I was done. I'm not :p

    Awful title, if Sega made this exact same game it would of tanked, it shows the power of marketing and idealism.

    I actually picked it up a few days ago, and I'm already 22. The shooting is fun, but there's so much unrealised potential. Also, I never get enough people matchmaking. I would really like to get together with some Aussies and do the raids etc, but it seems ridiculously hard to organise. Lack of matchmaking for this stuff is super, super dumb (especially with the lack of ingame communication tools).

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      I just bought Destiny a few days ago as well. Level 23 so far. My tag is Brash01, add me if you wanna do some of the content.

    I'm about to stop because my friends keep booting me from the party because I'm 3 levels below them

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