Assassin's Creed Unity Patch Delayed As Game Continues To Struggle

Assassin's Creed Unity Patch Delayed As Game Continues To Struggle

Last week, Ubisoft said that it was planning to release a major patch to fix many ongoing problems with Assassin's Creed Unity today — as in Monday, December 15. Now, the developers have announced via their live updates page, "we are choosing to hold off until we can give you the improvements we've promised."

The highly anticipated Patch 4's indefinite delay highlights Ubisoft's ongoing struggle in trying to get Assassin's Creed Unityup and running properly ever since the game came out exclusively for new-gen consoles and PC last month. The developer has already addressed Unity's technical problems with several major patches, and even said it was giving players some of the game's DLC for free as an apology of sorts.

Ubisoft didn't give a new date for Patch 4's release yet. When they originally announced the new patch, Ubisoft said that it should fix most of the remaining issues with Unity, including problems with the game continuing to freeze and crash for many players and a handful of separate issues with the game's mobile companion app.

In its announcement of the Patch 4 delay today, the Ubisoft team explained that updating Unity with the latest fixes has taken longer than they expected due to the extensive nature of the intended repairs.

"We are committed to delivering major performance improvements," the note reads, "which requires that we refurbish the Paris map and that will take a few more days to hit the high level of quality our players deserve."

It's always frustrating to be told to hold out for something when your game isn't working, I know. In the meantime, as Stephen noted last month, affected Unity players can keep track of the game's known technical issues and Ubisoft's progress in addressing (and, hopefully, fixing) them on this ongoing forum thread that covers all three versions of the game.

Also, just as a reminder to Unity players: this is the week that Ubisoft's free DLC offer is supposed to kick in. Find out how to get your copy of the Dead Kings DLC, or another free Ubisoft game if you're already a Unity season pass owner, over at the company's FAQ page for the topic.


    Not good enough. When is it going to get to a point where enough is enough? So sick of games being released broken.

      When people stop buying them.

        in all fairness, how were people supposed to know they were buying a broken game?

          By waiting for reviews and just generally not being a chump.

          Next time a company asks for your money for a game before it’s even released and then puts a review embargo in place that last until AFTER the game is already on shelves so that nobody can tell you if it’s good, you should probably suggest to them that they should fornicate themselves with a pinecone.

            I see your point but not everyone reads reviews... most of my friends are avid ass creed fans, but not one of them reads any gaming media whatsoever, beyond the usual "coming soon adds"

            and yes those that lay out these review embargos should definitely go fornicate themselves. with the exception of games that are heavily reliant on the multiplayer aspect. They should still be able to comment on the games performance & bugs however.

          By reading the reviews that were published prior to the game's release? :-)

          Last edited 16/12/14 11:08 am

    If they're making changes to the map to improve performance, that probably means simplifying it. I wonder how extensive the changes will be?

    ...Ubisoft...explained that updating Unity with the latest fixes has taken longer than they expected due to the extensive nature of the intended repairs.

    Here's a hint. If the patch is giving you a headache to fix the problems, how about delaying the release of the game until those problems are identified through extensive QA testing and know, pre-release.

    Eh. By the time I have a PS4, hopefully the game should be patched to a working status.

    Won't help the fact that everyone has British accents, but that's probably not changing at this stage...

      You're not missing much. If you've played Black Flag, this will feel like a step backwards with gameplay and story. Hold off until this is in a bargain bin.

        Will do, I got burned with buying AC games early on with ACIII.

      In terms of accents, I put it in French with English subtitles. Considering I like foreign movies anyway, and play all anime in Japanese with subtitles, it has worked out great for me. The menus and other text remain in English. Well worth considering.

        Yep, that's what I'm planning on doing.

        (also, a family member once insisted we watch Ninja Scroll with English dubbing. Bloody horrible)

    I finally got mine working last night - I think between a combination of disabling NVIDIA's streaming service (for the SHIELD tablet) and only playing offline, I can play 1080p/30FPS

    It's so broken that they don't even know how to fix it - or how long it will take... Pathetic that this is considered acceptable for a released product now.

    *Buys another nintendo game, doesn't bat an eyelid about missing out on AC*

    How is rogues travelling? I heard it mopped the floor with unity, but I don't have a ps360. Did they do a pc port, or did we only get unity for that, too?

      They're doing a PC port sometime next year. I played on 360 and it was pretty great. Basically Black Flag II:Templar Edition, but ACIV was heaps of fun so what's not to like? The main story was only about 8 hours, but apart from that it's definitely worth picking up, especially if you want something whilst waiting for Unity to be fixed up

    I'm a big fan of AC but have held off grabbing Unity until more patches have been made. To me that will be when it is really released.

    Am enjoying playing AC : Rogue anyway so am in no rush to play unity.

    I was so close to pre-ordering this for the PC. I don't even know why I didn't. Lucky me!

    I guess when the obligatory "Game of the Year" edition comes out for this next year with all the DLC and the game actually working, I will pick this up.
    Assassins Creed Unity - Completly Fixed Edition
    Ubi, you can have that title for free, i require no royalties, coz i like Farcry 4 so much.

    Wait what. They have to fix the whole Paris to solve the issue? How about dropping the amount of people rendered in game by 10-20% to improve frame rate? There are so many people in game that you can't even do chases or escape properly.

    Mine is still in its box because all I have done is play Destiny. :/ Lucky me. I will play it when its patched no skin of my nose. I love AC series and have enjoyed them all so far.

    Having finished the game on PS4 and seeing how garbage the story, especially what happens (or lack thereof) with the Assassin's and the sword I can say forget that patch and just don't buy the game.
    Total garbage from a narrative standpoint and nothing meaningful from a game play stand point that you don't get from AC2, Brotherhood and Revelations.

      How about you quit complaining. Don't buy the game till they fix it or just play it the way it is till it get better. Stop crying like a baby. Either do something about it or shut up. If you can't do anything about it. Why even complain. Because your opinion means nothing to anyone.

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