Assassin’s Creed Would Have Been One Odd Prince Of Persia Game

Assassin’s Creed Would Have Been One Odd Prince Of Persia Game

Taking us down a dark and secluded memory lane, the folks at Did You Know Gaming explore the secrets of the Assassin’s Creed series, which started life as the next instalment of the Prince of Persia. I’d forgotten all about that.

It’s a fact that’s easy to forget, really, now that we’ve had something like seven entries in the main series and several spin-offs since the 2007 launch of the original Assassin’s Creed and only two new PoP games since. But yes, Assassin’s Creed was once Prince of Persia: Assassin, a game that would have starred the bodyguard of the titular royal son rather than the man himself.

Despite game designer Patrice Desilets‘ quite sensible logic — a prince is someone waiting to be a king, not an adventurer — Ubisoft didn’t want a Prince of Persia game that did not star a Prince of Persia. So Desilets created a much better game instead, while Ubisoft and Disney went on to create a 201 movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal’s chest. Everybody won, except Prince of Persia.


    • Yeah, that must be some real wtf code. I would have guessed maybe 5000 for the mechanics, and the same again perhaps for the animation in the worst case. I wouldn’t be admitting 6 million to the world unless I didn’t know what programming was and thought that sounded impressive.

  • Huh there’s 201 prince of persia movies or is that a typo? Or does kotaku have 201 movies of jake gyllenhaals chest?

  • We want a new d*** Prince of Persia game already! Preferably the sequel to the 2008 rendition! Even the DLC left the story open.

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